14 of the Best James Bond Watches

14 of the Best James Bond Watches

If you were wondering what watch James Bond wears, look no further! Here, you will discover the whole list of James Bond watches. From Rolex Submariner to Omega Planet Ocean or the spectacular Seamaster (known as the “Casino Royale” timepieces), the James Bond permit appreciates a prosperous habit of placing heavy horology on the large screen. Now, we present that habit it’s due, with this list of all the watches of agent 007. What are the 14 of the Best James Bond Watches? Let’s hop into more interesting details below!

In the James Bond saga, you can spot a variety of watches. From Rolex Submariner to Omega Seamaster Professional and many more. These watches that hold value shouldn’t arrive unnoticed.

14 of the Best James Bond Watches

Hope to catch a couple of big names such as Omega, Seiko, as well as the one and only Rolex suddenly emerge time, and besides and that’s no casualty. What’s more, Omega has been an authorized franchise associate since 1995, periodically releasing its limited-version Bond watches for purchase.

In the meantime, you were perhaps also wondering what type of watch Daniel Craig was going to wear in the Bond film, better known as “No Time to Die“. Surely we could all guess it would be Omega Seamaster.

No, we should certainly focus on the accurate watch that 007 has on his wrist in “Dr. No” and “Spectre” and each movie in between. Also, while a majority of these films don’t by definition handle up by today’s criteria, every 007 watch still peeks all-out classic. Reflect on this wide list of 14 of the Best James Bond watches to see whether you approve. Let’s dive into more!

#1 Rolex Submariner – Dr. No

The link between James Bond and Rolex goes way back to Ian Fleming’s primary best-seller, “Casino Royale,” in which the well-known spy weaves the equivalently prominent brand. Fleming brought plain strings from his desires, as he was frequently noticed with a Rolex Explorer Reference 1016 almost on his wrist.

On the report, actor Sean Connery—who was the foremost to represent Bond—was likewise a loyal Rolex devotee. It’s quite been conveyed that the Rolex Submariner modeled by Connery in the initial Bond film arrived directly out of his supply. Attached to a leather belt, it honored the modern debut of what would ultimately evolve to be an iconic connection.

In Dr. No’s lead-in set, Bond is caught wearing the soon-to-be-legendary Gruen Precision 510. The watch can hardly be seen beneath the shirt strike, and while it’s a more practical complement to a tuxedo than a divers detail, this watch left many fans unconversant for a long time. It wasn’t until well-known Bond watch investigator Dell Deaton recognized the watch as a Gruen Precision 510, 40 years after it foremost occurred on screen, that we could establish its authority.

#2 Rolex Submariner – Goldfinger

Speaking of the next movie Goldfinger, released in 1964, there is another mystery watch. As the well-known phrase states: if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. By the third James Bond movie, the flashy spy wasn’t broke and neither was his never-failing Rolex Submariner.

After James Bond rolls up his tuxedo sleeve to show the watch in its highest praise, an honored collaboration was attached once and for all. Instead of leather, the Submariner was now bound to a tiny material strap. In the meantime, notorious Bond girl Galore wears the Rolex GMT Master, a traditional flight watch model, whether there ever was one in particular.

#3 Breitling Top Time – Thunderball

James Bond is back again, and so is his never-failing Rolex Submariner in this 4th permit installment. Regardless, Q Branch likewise has a renewed plaything for 007 to recreate with. That is a reformed Breitling Top Time Chronograph that was duplicated as a Geiger counter. Can you imagine whether Bond is required to employ the additional operation at some point in the movie? We shouldn’t even bet on it!

Note this: the exact Breitling watch visited an English flea market back in 2013, where it was bought for a sheer £25. The owner then spun around and resold the watch for more than £100,000 at auction. What an outstanding profit! That is an absolute trade marvel, by all means!

#4 Rolex GMT Master – Casino Royale (1967)

We would be inclined to put an embargo on this poorly-aged mockery from this list if it wasn’t for the fact that David Niven’s Bond can be spotted wearing a Rolex GMT Master. Between that and Fleming’s initial book, some may state that Rolex is the authentic “Casino Royale” watch. However, Omega presumably disagrees. This is the unwritten rule, by all means!

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#5 Gruen Precision 510 – You Only Live Twice

The jury’s nonetheless out as to what Bond wears in the 1967 installment, which trenches him along with ninjas against SPECTRE and scoundrel Ernst Stavro Blofeld.