How to Remove Links From a Watch?

How to Remove Links From a Watch

So you got that new amazing Bulova watch and you can’t wait to wear it, but the bracelet is just too long? It is an unwritten rule to understand how to remove links from a watch. This goes without saying! Locating a metal watch that fits your wrist can be tricky, as most bands are only available in a few standard sizes.

However, there is nothing to worry about! By releasing some watch links you will get the ideal watch band size. This may sound complex and tedious but it’s not. Yet, be aware that with these easy steps, this task will be a breeze. Below is a manual on how to remove links from a watch for a more suitable fit.

So, you want to know how to remove links from a watch? First, measure the watch band properly. Secondly, collect all the needed tools, such as the pin pusher and more. Get your work spot ready and begin!

Measure the Links That Need to Go

Understand that the first step is vital. Let’s say that you remove the wrong amount of links. Or perhaps if you remove them from the incorrect place, your watch will pose crooked. To calculate how many links you should remove, try on your watch and place it where you typically would wear it. Pick up all of the space and calculate the number of additional links. You want the clip to stay in the middle of the band.

With that in mind, try not to remove all the spare links from the middle of the watch. This truly goes without saying! Instead, take the same amount from either side of the clasp.

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Get Your Workspace Ready

Removing watch links is a quite peaceful strategy. You want to make sure that you are working on a balanced surface. This particular surface needs to have an abundance of light and minimal to no distractions. It is advisable setting something at the edge of your workspace to stop little pins or ferrules from moving away.

Doing that will reduce the chance of you losing any parts. It’s also worth putting a rug or something smooth beneath your work to stop your metal watch from rubbing your benchtop. Understand that hammering out pins can be oddly loud, so you may pick to work someplace more secluded too. This is for your advantage as much as anyone else’s. The removal process needs your complete and persistent engagement.

Collect Your Tools

Speaking of how to remove watch links, the method itself is definitely no oddity to the old phrase. Employ the proper means for the fitting job. You will desire to assure that you have the essential tools before getting started. A push-pin tool is most acceptable for removing cotter pins. You’ll likewise require a small ball-peen hammer and a watch bracelet holder. You can often pick up most of these items in a flat-packed watch tool kit. Comprehending how to remove links from a watch is no rocket science!

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Removing Those Links

Now you have a better understanding of how many links you need to remove and from where to do so. Knowing that it’s time to learn how to remove watch links for real. It may appear hard at first, but in reality, it’s quite an easy process. There are little arrows on the back of the watch bracelet revealing where the cotter pins reveal. Set the watch in the holder with the arrows fronting down.

Utilizing the little hammer, carefully tap the end of the push-pin tool over the cotter pins until you can no longer push the pin in that link. After the pin pops out, pull it utilizing your fingers or a little set of pliers. Be attentive to any extra pins or ferrules that may fall out while you are doing this.

it's time to learn how to remove watch links for real

How to Remove Links From a Watch – Step-by-Step Process

Step One

Unravel the watch bracelet. Do this with metal watch straps. To remove watch links at all it is critical to split the bracelet first. To be able to do that:

  • Remove the hop bar from the watch strap buckle. To specify which spring line it is, keep the buckle in your left hand, and it will be the one that is on the left.
  • Employ the spring bar reduction tool or pin pusher to shorten the hop bar and prize it out of the buckle.
  • Be mindful that it doesn’t jump across the entire room. Know that this is the only one that you own!

Step Two

Select which link you will remove. Utilize the pin pusher or spring bar reduction tool to push the pin that connects that precise link, mind the trend of the printed indicators on the underpart of the metal link. This goes without saying! You are supposed to move the pin 2 or 3mm and then drag it out from the other side utilizing the pair of pliers or by hand.