4 Best-Selling Diamond Earrings for Men

4 Best-Selling Diamond Earrings for Men

Speaking of diamond earrings for men we need to mention a few things. Modern men have been wearing earrings since Ancient times. It was a good way to show off their status. The most popular type of earring throughout history ware: the solitaire stud earring. In fact, Diamond stud earrings have been a No.1 choice among trendy men for a very long time. Today it is the same thing. What are the 4 best-selling diamond earrings for men? Let’s dive deeper into the article to find out more!

  1. Solitaire and Single Studs
  2. Double Diamond Studs
  3. Diamond Cluster Earrings
  4. Black Diamond Earrings for Men

4 Best-Selling Diamond Earrings for Men

Let’s dive into the topic of best-selling diamond earrings for men. There’s a solid reason why diamond earrings for men are getting more and more popular. Let’s dive into more below!

How to Choose the Right One?

Earrings are oftentimes not the everyday accessory that men wear. But you can’t say that they aren’t wearing them at all. One thing is for sure, it takes a lot of courage for men to wear them. And finally, when you get the courage to do so, the question of the right choice arises.

First of all, remember that this is a matter of your taste. Moreover, your personal choice depends on it. In other words, if you have any doubts about wearing a diamond stud, then it is advisable starting slow with a single stud. Basically, we have:

#1 Solitaire and Single Studs

A ‘solitaire’ simply means a single diamond. Are you a modest, not shy but relaxed person? In that case, a single diamond stud earring for men is probably for you. This goes without saying!


#2 Double Diamond Studs

As a matter of fact, single-stud diamond earrings for men are more popular. Yet, wearing a pair of diamond earrings has evolved to be a growing trend. You can choose to have both your ears pierced or you can have multiple piercings in the same ear.

The next question is: How to choose diamond CUT?
Cut refers to the skill of the craftsman to cut and polish a rough stone into a beautiful diamond.
The cut is truly the most important of the 4 Cs. Why? Well, the diamond’s sparkle relies on it.

Now, let’s take a look at the most common diamond cuts in the order of sparkliness:

  • Round diamonds are the sparkliest because of their shape.
  • Pear, as well as marquise, cut stones are a bit sparkly. Even though not as much as round cuts.
  • Rectangular diamonds give off long, sustained flashes of light, they are not sparkling that much.

All diamonds are graded by color. This is a bit confusing, as we know for a fact that diamonds are transparent.
However, a very poor-quality diamond will actually look yellow in color. Diamonds are judged on a color scale from D to Z. This means that the best color grade is D and the worst is Z which looks very yellow.

Solitaire and Single Studs

#3 Diamond Cluster Earrings

What are diamond cluster earrings for men? A structure where many tiny diamonds sit relatively close to make the illusion of one big diamond. They’re a terrific choice if you’re looking for a ‘big 1-carat look’ on a more affordable side, as small diamonds cost less per carat than luxury buildings.

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Diamond Cluster Earrings

#4 Black Diamond Earrings for Men

Do you crave that edgy, trendy everyday look? If that is a yes, you could always think of getting black diamond earrings instead of colorless ones. Generally speaking, black earrings for men are simply unique. White diamonds are traditional and formal in build, as a matter of fact. On the other hand, black diamonds have lately skyrocketed in popularity.