Best Tom Ford Cologne for Men – 12 Picks

Best Tom Ford Cologne for Men - 12 Picks

If you’re looking for a Tom Ford cologne for men, you got the taste! His perfumes are interchangeable with luxury and high quality. Below you’ll find the best Tom Ford cologne for men. You can go through each perfume for more details. Or you can simply scroll down to read about all the scents to see which one you may like best.

When examining these fragrances, be mindful that even when scents are often marketed toward a specific gender, nearly every scent is virtually unisex. While some are undoubtedly more masculine or feminine, the lion’s share of perfumes falls in the middle. What really matters is whether it fits your character.

What is the best Tom Ford cologne for men? Tom Ford Noir Extreme, Oud Wood, Ombré Leather and Neroli Portofino. These are just some of the many amazing colognes he created. 

Best Tom Ford Cologne for Men – 12 Picks

These top picks of the Tom Ford colognes are in no particular order. Rather we’re considering those seasons, events, and characters that wear items differently. It goes without saying that there’s one that works for you.

Tom Ford Noir Extreme #1 Tom Ford Noir Extreme

The main notes of this amazing masculine fragrance for men are sandalwood, vanilla, and amber 

The Noir Extreme is an excellent deal for the money. With only $175 for 3.4fl oz, it still provides a premium scent. This potent fragrance blends synthetic foodie notes. Those are vanilla, with non-foodie base notes, like musk.

This cologne boosts sexuality. This is an ideal perfume to wear on a date night. The strong, sweet scent makes it a fantastic fall and winter cologne for men.

Sweet, spicy, and cakey. Overall, it produces an oriental, smoky aroma. Due to the floral and sweet notes, some reviews call it a unisex cologne.

The Longevity

This Tom Ford fragrance lasts 9+ hours. It’s relatively strong, so don’t spray excessively, or you’ll overwhelm people around you.

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Tom Ford Oud Wood#2 Tom Ford Oud Wood

The family of this fragrance is earthy & woody. The main notes are Oud wood, sandalwood, as well as Chinese pepper.

The Tom Ford Oud Wood Cologne is a unisex scent with a super woody masculine aroma. Exotic and creamy, it’s a men’s dearest pick among Tom Ford’s Private blend collection. It’s earthy, smoky, woody, and spicy yet mint, and floral.

How long does it last? In terms of longevity, it can last from 6 to 8 hours. 

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Tom Ford Ombré Leather#3 Tom Ford Ombré Leather

Tom Ford Ombré Leather is a fragrance that is, by all means, warm & spicy. The main notes of this perfume are black leather, violet, and jasmine