The Best-Smelling Versace Cologne for Men

What Is the Best-Smelling Versace Cologne for Men?

Versace fragrances are very masculine, trendy, and one-of-a-kind. Every Versace cologne for men has its DNA. This brand has an outstanding and huge variety of men’s colognes to satisfy almost every taste there is. Versace is surely not a cheap brand. Yet, it is not too expensive for most people either. Now, what is the best-smelling Versace cologne for men? Let’s dive deeper into this article to find out more!

Let’s now talk about the best-smelling Versace cologne for men. From Versace Dylan Blue to Versace Eros, many mind-blowing Versace men’s fragrances are mesmerizing! 

The Best-Smelling Versace Cologne for Men

Assembling men’s fragrances is possibly the toughest part of a perfumer’s job. Create a men’s fragrance too profound, and it creates a man’s look forceful. Make it too bland, and a man can look too feminine.

Balance is essential for every men’s perfume. Speaking of a proportional perfume, read below to discover the best-smelling Versace cologne for men. You will surely find the one that fits you best!

Versace Dylan Blue#1 Versace Dylan Blue

The first best-selling Versace cologne for men. Dylan Blue is a citrusy watery summer fragrance for men. It has quite strong notes of amber. At first, you feel the aromatic mixture of grapefruit and water-based bergamot.

Afterward, there is the scent of beautiful, ripe, and juicy figs. This is a very nice cologne and a best seller. This goes without saying! As it dries down, you can sense the ambroxan, some black pepper, and a little bit of violet leaf.

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Versace the dreamer#2 Versace The Dreamer 

This fragrance is sweet and sexy, and very masculine. Notes are wildflowers, linen, amber, and tobacco. Its base is woody and herbal with notes of fir and cedar. It is a day-wearing scent and, as such, is suitable for the office.

The release of this men’s fragrance for spring was in the mid-1990s, and back then it was pretty expensive. Today is available at a better and more affordable price.

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versace eros_man_edt_c#3 Versace Eros

This is a deep and energetic cologne reserved for brave, confident, and sensual men. The name says it all, by all means. Eros is the Greek god of love and sex. Versace Eros for men has also a woody base with such notes. These can be mint, green apple, and Tonka bean.

Madagascar vanilla, and vetiver. This is now the most popular of the Versace fragrances for men.

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