8 Best Baggy Cargo Pants for Men

11 Best Baggy Cargo Pants for Men

Cargo pants have made a powerful revival. They are now appraised once more after so many years. Notable, these pants, especially baggy cargo pants are now just as wearable and stylish as your classic denim jeans or your quality white chinos for under $100.

What are the 8 best baggy cargo pants for men? Let’s dive deeper into this article to find out more!

So, hiking pants for men famous for their military roots are making a reputation for themselves in the style world. Therefore, men’s utility cargo pants are the best bet for the next place in your wardrobe cycle.

From the Todd Snyder Olive Infantry Cargo Pant and Nike ACG ‘Smith Summit’ to the more affordable baggy cargo pants on Amazon. There is a ton of trendy models you can get today! 

What are Cargo Pants?

Comfy, enduring, and fully versatile, cargo pants have been a centerpiece of everyday wardrobes since the 1990s. You could see them in luxury runway shows and various urban collections. Yet, what determines cargo attire? Is it just the legendary look, or does it also have to do with the material, fit, or components?

Let’s dive into this apparel staple’s narrative and growth. Then, we’ll take a look at the modern baggy cargo pants you must have in your wardrobe.

The Simple Style of Cargo Pants

Cargo pants, also known as combat trousers — are utility pants with a flexible fit. They exist to let space for movement, mainly at the knees and hips. Cargo pants material is traditionally stiff cotton or cotton-wool mix that can resist relentless wear and extreme components. 

The most noticeable detail on cargo pants is the x-square patch pocket bound to one or both exterior legs between the hip and knee. These pockets usually have accordion folds or bellows to grow their capability. Typically, these pockets shut with a zipper or a flap tied with buttons or Velcro.

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Who Can Wear Baggy Cargo Pants?

Baggy cargo pants may have become a world sensation, that is a fact. Yet, these practical and enduring pants are still an essential piece of military combat attire. You will also see them on so many police and firefighter uniforms. 

Beyond the workplace, you’ll see many kinds of cargo pants that you can wear for everyday and formal events. Traditional black baggy cargo pants for men are a go-to for casual office wear and street style.

Yet, you can pair more custom-made pants in soft materials with a white tee and dress shoes for a night out. Everyone can wear baggy cargo pants to a casual workplace or out with friends. 

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8 Best Baggy Cargo Pants for Men

Let’s take a look at some of the best baggy cargo pants for men that are on-trend right now!

Todd Snyder Olive Infantry Cargo Pant #1 Todd Snyder Olive Infantry Cargo Pant 

When Todd Snyder launched his menswear line in 2011, he did it with the kinds of unique and outstanding models that trendy guys and unaware men alike could appreciate—such as these brown cargo pants for men.