Best 13 Brown & Black Combat Boots for Men

The 13 Brown & Black Combat Boots for Men

They are a military arsenal. What’s more, they have a place in every man’s shoe cabinet. Just like there’s always a quality men’s fragrance nearby. The shift of brown & black combat boots from uniform apparel to everyday use is quite a tale. Given the switching trends, now it’s a trendy part of everyone’s winter outfit. What are the 13 brown & black combat boots for men? Read on for more! 

They are modern, warm, and highly well built. Combat boots keep your looks sustained without undermining quality. In addition, they are highly universal. You can wear combat boots on any official, everyday, or memorable occasion.

From the obvious number one Dr. Martens to Steve Madden and Frye, there are many amazing brown & black combat boots for men.  From these 13 models on our list, you will surely find the one just for you! 

What Are Combat Boots Good For?

Chef-d’oeuvre compositions of combat boots, like quality measures of modern designs, still make ideal all-purpose boots. Even though they aren’t fit for some lines of work that need more specialized footwear.

Let’s say you desired a pair of brown or black combat boots for men that are good for the office. Yet they also can take you on a hike and do some hard landscaping work on the property. Ultimately do you also wish to clean them after all that and prepare for the office?

Leather combat boots or boots of that class will do all that. Or maybe, along with identical sequences, you desired a strong boot for all seasons. Lightweight enough so you can wear them in the summer without distress, yet tough for cold.

A quality pair of everyday combat boots can do it all.

The 13 Brown & Black Combat Boots for Men

So here, you will see a list of some of the best black combat boots for men you would like to think about this season. Let’s dive into more details below! 

Dr. Martens Men’s Vegan 1460 #1 Dr. Martens Men’s Vegan 1460 

Let’s start with the best classic on the market. Are you a vegan looking for amazing quality black combat boots for men?

If so, these Dr. Martens may be the perfect fit for you.

Made of 100% synthetic fabric with proper stitching and fine abrasion resistance, it leaves a tiny case of replacement in a few years.

In addition, these are a rather modern pair of unisex combat boots.

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To Boot New York Neils Combat Boot for Men#2 To Boot New York Neils Combat Boot for Men

These superb black combat boots for men are true to size. Also, they are comfortable on foot and strong enough to last. Nothing can go wrong with these combat boots on!

The boots are 100% real leather, with a smooth rubber sole that delivers high grip and absorption.

With surpassing comfort and sleek design, this may be your best friend for the office.

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Steve Madden Troopah-C Combat Boot for Men#3 Steve Madden Troopah-C Combat Boot for Men

Now, here’s another great pair of black combat boots for men. Even though this is not something we would put on the premium side of the graph, the pair still bears up well for everyday use.

The style and structure are rather good, with comfy interior softening.

The only disadvantage is the zip end. Why? Well, it is prone to get lax or be skipped over time. Nevertheless, people like it anyway.

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Unlisted by Kenneth Cole Men’s Captain Combat Shoes#4 Unlisted by Kenneth Cole Men’s Captain Boots

Are you searching for virtuously fashionable boots at a low price? If so, maybe this may be your best stake.

These captain black combat boots for men are obtainable in numerous colors, all true-to-size.

They may not be of the highest quality. So, you can’t really use them for favorably rough sports. Yet, they will catch up rather well for mild and everyday use.

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5.11 ATAC 2.08’’ Military Tactical Boot for Men#5 5.11 ATAC 2.08’’ Military Tactical Boot for Men

As a matter of fact, these are uniform boots. With that in mind, be ready to skip them immediately if you want casual boots. This goes without saying!

Yet, for officers and guards who have a risky duty, the measure of comfort these boots supply will make your day much easier.

These are lightweight, smooth, and long-lasting. They can truly last for a fair couple of years with top-notch maintenance.

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Thorogood Men’s Gen-flex2 Series 8’’ Tactical Side Zip Jump Boots#6 Thorogood Men’s Gen-flex2 Series 8’’ Tactical Side Zip Jump Boots

Some may not agree, yet going on duty every day is a true experience. You are not sure about what the day holds as you put on your uniform.

With a job more physical, you need something that can support you till the last hour.

Thorogood black combat boots are that “something.” They consist of leather, with a stable form we rarely notice in the cost range. Since the dependability is superb, you may wait for many years before seeking a substitute.

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Oakley Men’s SI Light Patrol Boots#7 Oakley Men’s SI Light Patrol Boots

Lightweight and strong, Oakley men’s SI patrol black combat boots exist to survive. If your job encloses working on uneven terrains, you will like them.

These boots include secure rubber soles to hold you balanced, with long-lasting leather and suede structure for extra safety and ease.

Again, the look is fairly firm in spite of being purely working boots.

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Rothco Leather Speedlace Combat Boot#8 Rothco Leather Speedlace Combat Boot

These were invented while keeping the demands of tough dudes in check.

The Rothco 10’’ speed lace black combat boots are ideal for military people, officers, and any other job where execution and comfort are fundamental.

Similarly, they are quite straightforward and fast to break in. The ultimate durability makes these boots for men even more alluring.

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Steve Madden Men's Stratus Combat Boot#9 Steve Madden Men’s Stratus Combat Boots

Now it’s time to take a look at the first pair of brown combat boots on our list. These absolutely look sophisticated.

You can pair them with any quality accessory for men there is! The Stratus crosses the combat shape with work boot effects.

That results in a banded fully leather boot with contrast stitching, a grippy hauled cushioning, as well an entire lace-up closure. With this boot, you can’t go wrong!

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Steve Madden Mackee Combat Boots#10 Steve Madden Mackee Combat Boots

Steve Madden’s Mackee pair are great reasonable combat boots for men at only roughly $100.

The look is certainly more combat-like, though these will not hold up in any dirty waters.

Many prefer black combat boots, yet the brown color is an amazing substitute for black. This is mainly true if you’re wearing these boots mainly with denim.

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Frye Men's Bowery Lace Up Combat Boot#11 Frye Men’s Bowery Lace Up Combat Boot

Frye is popular for its boots that can last forever. Moreover, these Bowery combat boots for men make no exception.

Their flexible suede upper delivers them a smooth edge and pairs well with denim.

You may need a couple of wears to smash these in. Yet, once you do, you will see they’re worth the hold. This goes without saying! These consist of a comfy EVA outsole as well as an impenetrable lace-up front.

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Ted Baker Men's Derby Combat Boot#12 Ted Baker Men’s Derby Combat Boot

For typical black combat boots for men, the Ted Baker Derby is a great choice to try out.

It gives the classic mid-height shape of a combat boot but with the modern open-lacing elements of a beret dress shoe.

If you’re searching for a boot you can wear to go out, these are an ideal option. They will not do a ton for weather security. Yet, they’ll look remarkably fine with jeans and a sweater.

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Vince Raider Combat Boots#13 Vince Raider Combat Boots

Every combat boot on this list should prove uniquely enduring and hard-wearing, for sure. That applies to canvas combat boots, as well.

Yet, more often than not, you need a boot that’s made for situations both formal and relaxed. You need a boot that has durability that specific types of combat boots don’t have. 

Take a look at these gorgeous leather combat boots from Vince. These quality black combat boots are readily wearable with black or white everyday pants. So, don’t think twice!

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Final Words

If you feel good, pulling on a pair of combat boots with denim is a style you can wear anytime and look good.

Hopefully, you will make your fall and winter magical with some solid combat boots and a Tom Ford cologne on your neck. Do you want to wear combat boots in summer? In that case, be sure to select a breathable pair to avoid sweating.