Maen Watch: The Quality Champion #1

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Imagine a world where you can have it all – quality, affordability, and style. A world where two Dutch watch enthusiasts come together and form a brand that is true to its name. Maen, meaning “moon” in Dutch, defines the symbol of time. 

A world where a microbrand like Maen could take the watch industry by storm with its impeccable craftsmanship and superb designs. This is the world of Maen Hudson, a Swedish microbrand that has captured the hearts of watch enthusiasts around the globe. With a passion for creating the best affordable quality watches, Maen Hudson has become a brand worth talking about. A Maen watch on the wrist is a truly must-have! So, let’s dive in and explore what makes Maen Hudson watches so exceptional.

Who is Maen?

Just like in the world of big brands like Rolex, there are well-known and lesser-known brands in the world of microbrands. We had the opportunity to enjoy watches from various microbrands. So, we started to explore what else this world has to offer us.

Maen is a Swedish start-up brand, established in 2017 by two Dutchmen, Jules van Helvoort and Sebastiaan Cortjaens. These two shared a big passion for watches. The term MAEN in Dutch means “moon,” which symbolizes time. They aimed to present their clients with the best possible watch quality while retaining reasonable prices. 

Our first impressions – literally speechless. For the first time, in all this time of our love for watches, we had nothing to say.

We wanted to say “something that is not seen every day” or “the kind of quality that can, and should, mortify luxury watches.” These would all be terms that express hype, but in this case, they would be absolutely accurate. Hudson really deserves the hype.

Maen Hudson – More About the Brand

Maen Hudson is a watch brand that represents a unique blend of classic style and modern craftsmanship. With a focus on quality materials and precision engineering, Maen Hudson watches offer an amazing range of features. That includes automatic movements, sapphire crystal glass, and water-resistant cases. 

But what really sets Maen Hudson apart is their attention to detail. We can see it all, from the beautifully textured dials to the meticulously crafted bracelets. Every element of these watches has been carefully considered to create a stunning, cohesive aesthetic. 

Yet, there is a range of styles to choose from. Think about the sleek and sporty Hudson Automatic and the timeless Classic Collection, there’s a Maen watch to suit any taste or occasion. Whether you’re a pro watch collector or simply looking for a statement piece to elevate your everyday look, Maen Hudson is a brand that delivers quality, style, and refinement in spades.

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Maen Hudson 38 Specifications

Let us begin with the technical specifications of this timepiece. Its case measures 38.1mm in diameter and 12mm in thickness. The bracelet is adjustable to fit your wrist size, and with a lug-to-lug length of 46.1mm, it fits like a glove. Our preference for smaller watches is based on one crucial factor – comfort.

Our emphasis on the case design lies in its comfort. The majority of the case is brushed, with slender polished edges that exude a vintage aura. Although they are hardly noticeable, when worn on the wrist, they reflect the absence of sharp edges or segments that could cause discomfort.

Tip: Think about matching your watch and a scent! If you’re wearing a classic, elegant watch, consider picking a traditional, refined scent to complement it. On the other hand, if you’re wearing a modern, sporty watch, try a fresher, more energetic men’s fragrance that matches its vibe. By paying attention to this combo, you can create a cohesive and well-rounded look!

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There Is More to That

The Maen watch bracelet is a work of art in itself. It has a 20mm width at the lugs that tapers down to a sleek 16mm at the clasp. The articulation of the links is truly amazing so we could write a dedicated article just for that.