Great Moments from Phillips Geneva Watch Auction

Great Moments from Phillips Geneva Watch Auction

November hosts the most significant auctions of the year in Geneva. In this piece, we focus on the Phillips Geneva watch auction! We will present some remarkable outcomes achieved at Phillips Auction House.

Prominent auction houses worldwide conducted their auction days. Indeed, they featured truly rare and valuable watch models. Our focus centers on Phillips auction house watches, which once again set impressive records.

Similar to other vintage watch auctions in recent years, this one commenced with the sale of contemporary models. This strategy aims to engage the audience, allowing attendees time to gather, warm up, and prepare for the highlights. Moreover, this often saves the best and most luxurious pieces for the end of the first and second days. The auction room often fills up when the main stars are up for bid.

2023 Phillips Geneva Watch Auction

The Phillips Geneva watch auction showed us an array of amazing watches. That makes it a pity to miss any on the repertoire. Below, we highlight some of the most expensive watches. We will also talk about surprises and timepieces from brands you may not have heard of before. Let’s hop in! 

PATEK PHILIPPE ref. 5016P Geneve Auction LOT 8 – PATEK PHILIPPE ref. 5016P

Exceeding pre-auction estimates, this exceptionally rare Patek Philippe ref. 5016P features a perpetual calendar, retrograde date, tourbillon regulator, and moon phase in platinum from 2008. 

This is a masterpiece, with a unique mechanism and a diameter of just 37mm.

It was estimated by experts to sell between 300,000 CHF and 600,000 CHF.

The watch sold for 787,400 euros!

ROLEX ref. 6062 Geneve auctionLOT 12 – ROLEX ref. 6062

Breaking the million-euro mark, the Rolex ref. 6062 Triple Calendar, presented at Baselworld in 1950, debuted as the most complicated Rolex of its time. It includes three extra functions known as the triple calendar.

These are a day of the week, the date of the month, and the month of the year, completed by a lunar indicator at position 6.

Critics have become truly vocal about Rolex’s shift away from the elegant sophistication they were known for over half a century ago. The focus has truly shifted to more contemporary models! 

The estimated value of Reference 6062 was between 1,000,000 CHF and 2,000,000 CHF, attributed to the rarity of stainless steel in the 50s.

The watch sold for 2,117,000 CHF!

George Daniels Anniversary Platinum No1, Geneve auctionLOT 23 – GEORGE DANIELS

Dr. George Daniels, the 20th-century’s finest watchmaker, was a shadow industry changer. Each of his watches, auctioned for no less than a million euros, showcases his artistic mastery. Amid the quartz crisis, he persisted in traditional watchmaking, developing the Co-axial escapement during that critical period, patented in 1980.

The Co-axial escapement minimizes friction in gear operation. This resulted in a more precise mechanism and longer breaks between servicing. This revolutionary invention by a self-taught genius is now commonly used by Omega in its impressive mechanisms.