Bell & Ross BR 01 Cyber Skull Sapphire Ice Blue

Bell & Ross BR 01 Cyber Skull Sapphire Ice

Get ready to dive into the extraordinary world of Bell & Ross! This is an outstanding watch brand, by all means! Moreover, the BR 01 Cyber Skull Sapphire Ice Blue is a timepiece that laughs in the face of the ordinary. 

It gives us stunning crossbones and a skull motif on its dial. Think of it as intricate 3D origami. It truly gives off a futuristic vibe that’s both playful and daring. Let’s dive into more details of Bell & Ross BR 01 Cyber Skull Sapphire!

Exploring Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross is a trendy French watch brand started in 1992 by Bruno Belamich and Carlos Rosillo. They’re all about watches that are not only stylish but also stand out.

Their popular models are the BR 01, BR 03, and BR 05 series. Now, even though they’re new to the luxury watch scene, they’ve done big things. We can see they have teamed up with the French space program, the Air Force, and the BWT Alpine F1 Team. Now that is something!

Based in Paris, Bell & Ross mixes things up. They use movements from other brands but are now doing more of their own cool stuff, like tourbillons and skeleton layouts.

Their watches range from simple aviation-inspired ones to super fancy sapphire-cased ones. People love them for being bold, well-designed, and having that unique square shape. If you’re into watches, you’ve probably seen Bell & Ross ones—they’re pretty hard to miss.

Bell & Ross BR 01 Cyber Skull Sapphire Ice Blue

The Sapphire Saga Unfolds

Fast forward to 2021 Cyber Skull, where the narrative takes a cool turn. Here, we explore Sapphire Ice Blue, a spectacle of watches.

Now, imagine that iconic design housed in a sapphire case, with the skull’s face and bones crafted from the same crystalline material. This blue-hued marvel, a departure from the original orange, adds cool details to the laughing skull. Shortly after, a clear sapphire variant joined the stage. Indeed, it truly created a trilogy of transparent beauty.

Transparency Takes Center Stage

Step into the world of the Bell and Ross Cyber Skull Sapphire! We can see that this is a modern masterpiece that goes beyond classic watchmaking. It’s as clear as day!

Behind the mocking smile of the blue skull lies a transparent canvas. Notably, this one shows the craftsmanship that defines Bell & Ross.

Tip: The price of this superb model is $115,000. We must say that this is certainly justified by the fact that it is presented in a limited edition of 25 pieces.

A Modern Talisman

In our opinion, this Bell & Ross watch model is a modern talisman, joining the prestigious Bell & Ross BR 01 Cyber Skull collection. With versions in ceramic, sapphire, and bronze, Bell & Ross explores the fusion of superior timekeeping and design. We are impressed! 

The case design, like stealth planes, links to the brand’s aeronautic roots. We are truly impressed by this! Beyond aesthetics, the skull motif carries big symbolism. We are talking about a philosophical expression of vanity! There’s also a tribute to special forces units that have embraced it as their emblem through the ages.

Tip: Now, what about the iconic Bell and Ross Red Radar? The Bell & Ross Radar BR 03-92 Red Ceramic is a luxury model inspired by radars used by flight controllers. It features a truly unique and sleek design. We can say that this one revisits the groundbreaking display of the original Red Radar with a more playful look.