Reviewing Lalique Encre Indigo 

Reviewing Lalique Encre Indigo 

Encre Indigo from Lalique is a crafted experience, a story told with every spray. The perfumer Annick Menardo turns the application of this scent into a complete sensory experience. Let’s dig deeper into the mind-blowing Lalique Encre Indigo!

Lalique 101

Lalique is an outstanding luxury French brand. It is known for making beautiful glass stuff, jewelry, perfumes, and home items. The founder, René Lalique, started it in 1888, and they’ve been creating awesome and timeless stuff since then.

Their crystal items have this mind-blowing smooth finish that plays with light and shadows. Notably, this one shows off the hard work of Lalique’s crafty people. They started with glass and scents but now do all kinds of terrific things. Lalique is all about keeping old techniques but also staying modern, making them a big deal in the niche industry. Originally from Alsace, France, Lalique has kept impressing everyone worldwide with its classy and artsy legacy.

Lalique Encre Indigo – Unwrapping the Essence

So, what is there to know about Lalique Encre Indigo? Imagine opening a long-awaited gift—that’s what it feels like with Encre Indigo.

Annick Menardo brings a sense of excitement, turning the simple act of putting on a fragrance into an engaging experience. It leaves behind a lingering feeling of anticipation. We must say that! 

Dance of Top Notes

Now, what are the top notes here? When you first smell it, juniper berries, pink pepper, and bergamot join forces for a lively dance of freshness.

These top notes create a harmonious blend, setting the stage for a fragrant tale that promises something special. It is a sign of Lalique’s commitment to making excellent scents.

Lalique Encre Indigo review

Journey Through Heart Notes

Moving into heart notes of black tea, saffron, and bay leaf, Encre Indigo pays respect to classic fragrances. We particularly liked this combo! 

It’s both nostalgic and refreshingly new. We liked this freshness a lot, but we must say that this is not a fully summer fragrance. You can wear it in spring and fall too.

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Masculine Undertones

The fragrance settles into base notes of Madagascar vetiver, patchouli, and ambergris. With warm and earthy tones, it gives off a clear sense of masculinity.

Vetiver, a nod to Lalique’s history, connects with the past. It does that while also having a modern twist—a display of strength and confidence.

The Experience

Encre Indigo has a paradox in how long it lasts. We can see it starts as being vibrant and energetic, then fading.

The scent stays close, leaving a subtle trail that invites those nearby to explore its mysterious depths. As we mentioned before, it leans towards a masculine feel. So it suits those who like classic and timeless niche scents, showing Lalique’s commitment to making refined fragrances.