Arnold & Son Luna Magna Year of the Dragon 101

Arnold & Son Luna Magna Year of the Dragon watch 101

Arnold & Son is celebrating the Year of the Dragon with some seriously awesome timepieces. We are talking about the Luna Magna and Perpetual Moon models! What’s so special about these watches? They are all about capturing the vibe of imperial power, brains, and good fortune. Now, let’s talk about the one and only – Arnold & Son Luna Magna Year of the Dragon!

Shaking Up Moon Phases – Perpetual Moon

Back in 2015, Arnold & Son shook things up with the Perpetual Moon. They ditched the usual 6 o’clock moon setup, giving us something way cooler.

The Year of the Dragon edition comes in slick red gold at 41.5mm. Moreover, it rocks a killer black or blue aventurine dial – only eight of each, though.

perpetual moon year of the dragon

Creating Celestial Vibes

What is the first thing we see here? Imagine a dragon party in a nocturnal garden, with rose gold dragons against a sparkling night sky. The huge realistic moon is prepared in mother-of-pearl with carefully-painted shadows.

Super-LumiNova-treated constellations and a glowing moon make this watch a real party animal. We are impressed by all the details here.

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Precision in Every Beat

Now, what powers this mind-blowing model? Powered by the A&S1512 calibre, the Perpetual Moon goes for a solid 90 hours on a full wind.

This watch is so precise that it only deviates by one day every 122 years. Priced at CHF 57,000 (incl. VAT), Perpetual Moon 41.5 Red Gold Year of the Dragon is the limited edition you’ve been waiting for!

Arnold & Son Luna Magna year of dragon

Upgrading Lunar Beauty – Luna Magna

Luna Magna hit the scene in 2021. Now, it’s clear that it brings some serious cosmic vibes with one of the biggest spherical moon displays.

The Year of the Dragon edition, dressed in polished red gold at 44mm, is a symbol of cosmic coolness.

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Arnold & Son Luna Magna Dragon watch 101

Red Gold Dragons in Action

Can you think of a hand-sculpted red-gold dragon doing its thing around the dial?