Introducing: The Chronoswiss ReSec Manufacture

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Did you know that Chronoswiss is a young, independent luxury watchmaker? Only a small number of people know about them, but they have impeccable things to offer! So, what is there to know about the new Chronoswiss ReSec Manufacture? Let’s go into more detail about this gem!

Chronoswiss ReSec Manufacture 101

These cool watches are known for their unique complications and stunning dials. Their Delphis model from last year garnered huge attention among serious watch enthusiasts. We all can see that Chronoswiss is committed to creating timepieces of the highest quality and precision. Their watches are built to last and designed to be real classics! Chronoswiss is indeed quickly becoming one of the most desirable luxury watch brands.

They in fact created the first enameled guilloche dial. Notably, that earned them direct praise and an invitation from legendary watchmaker Kari Voutilainen. In case you did not know, Voutilainen is one of the best watchmakers in the world! He is famous for his exceptional handcrafted dials.

Contemporary Design Meets Classic Features

At Watches and Wonders 2024, Chronoswiss introduced an exciting new design direction. We get that signature features like engraved bezels and onion crowns are still present, but the overall look is more contemporary. This modern theme is reinforced by three new ReSec Manufacture models. Notably, these feature strikingly bold dials that truly stand out. Each model has a unique timekeeping mechanism featuring 3 separate, unconnected hands.

The hour, minute, and second hands function independently. They gracefully float above the exquisite dial. These novelties are limited to 100 units each, showcasing Chronoswiss’s exclusivity. This exclusivity is underscored by the company’s small team of just 14 people.

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Technical Excellence and Cool Features

ReSec Manufacture watches have a COSC-certified automatic movement and a date display at 6 o’clock. They are also water-resistant to 10 ATMs, making them suitable for everyday use. When encountering the Chronoswiss brand for the first time, you’ll notice the substantial size of their watches.

Their size surpasses the norm but remains highly wearable. The watches have a diameter of 42 mm and a thickness of 14.2 mm. Also, they’re made of titanium (Grade 5), with one model featuring a gold coating. Each model has a really unique titanium treatment. The Helium variant (orange) has a matte case, while the Vertical Red (reddish) version has a high gloss finish.

We are impressed with how the futuristic design of the time display is combined with the vibrant colors. It combines modern style with a vintage touch – the crown. ReSec Manufacture models wear the distinctive arch-style crown. This crown is reminiscent of the early pilot’s watches from Zenith and Longines a century ago that were not very popular. We can say that Chronoswiss made the right decision when they included them in the ReSec models. This definitely proved to be a complete success!

Luxury, Innovation, and Exclusivity

Now, the sapphire crystal case back reveals an exceptional automatic movement from La Joux-Perret. It offers a 55-hour power reserve and operates at a frequency of 4Hz, ensuring precision and reliability. Their luxurious details and unique characteristics influence their price. The Vertical Red costs 14,800 euros. For those who appreciate a more distinctive flair, the Helium is available for 15,300 euros, representing a blend of innovation and elegance. In this collection, the Obsidian stands out with its opulent gold bezel and crown, commanding a premium price of 23,400 euros.

These watches are more than mere instruments of time. They are symbols of sophistication and real taste. Each model in this collection is a testament to superior craftsmanship and attention to detail. Truly, these models are an aesthetic and technical masterpiece.

Check out the Chronoswiss website for more information on these extraordinary gems. There, you can explore the intricate details that set these watches apart and appreciate the artistry that goes into each piece.

new Chronoswiss ReSec Manufacture watch chrono scent

Additional Specifications

Every ReSec Manufacture model boasts impressive water resistance up to 100 meters. This is what makes these timepieces functional and stylish. Whether you’re swimming laps in the pool or enjoying a day at the beach, the durable rubber straps ensure your watch can handle the aquatic environment with ease.

The front and rear displays contain sapphire crystal, known for its exceptional scratch resistance. The front crystal is enhanced with an anti-reflective coating. This one gives optimal readability even in bright sunlight or harsh lighting conditions. Another cool feature is the small label on the left side of the dial. We can see that this one denotes each watch’s number. With only 100 pieces available for each variant, this label signifies the exclusivity of your timepiece.