A new Bugatti has just been unveiled, and it’s indeed making waves! Notably, it is the third production model since VW Group revived the brand in 1998. Now, Rimac Automobili owns it. 

Some might think that this is just another Bugatti we have already seen. Yet, we are thrilled these cars exist! These new gems do bring something unique to the table. Let’s get into more details about the Bugatti’s New Hypercar! 

Bugatti Revealed a New Hypercar

These cars aren’t just pricey toys, but so much more! They’re indeed masterpieces of advanced engineering, innovation, and boundary-pushing. After all, these cars adorned our walls when we were kids, and are probably on our wallpapers now.

The name of Chiron’s successor, Tourbillon, grabbed our attention. According to Mate Rimac, CEO of Bugatti-Rimac, mechanical watches inspired the name. They wanted to connect the intricate world of watches with the pinnacle of car design. Today people consider the tourbillon the ultimate watch feature. It is even more impressive than minute repeaters and split-second chronographs.

Everything Is in Details

You can see this connection in the driver’s cockpit, especially on the instrument panel. Everything is analog and made of machined titanium. Now, you may have noticed that there are only two screens:

  1. A small one for digital speed display (due to regulations).
  2. The main multimedia screen (located to the right of the steering wheel).

This multimedia screen is cleverly hidden and pops out when needed – a cool design choice that will stand the test of time. A planetary mechanism keeps the instruments in place on the steering column.

Also, the mechanism allows for a one-handed operation, making it easy to jump through the different screens. The sleek design of the multimedia screen allows for a clean look and a comfortable driving experience.

Bugatti’s New Hypercar 2024 bugattI tourbillon

Concepto Watch Collab & Much More

These instruments result from a collaboration with Concepto Watch, a famous Swiss company. This particular company makes mechanisms and parts for various watch brands, including Jacob&Co (Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon). 

Now, there are 3 sections. The central circle looks like a skeletonized watch dial with a visible mechanism driving two hands. 

The smaller hand shows engine RPM, while the larger hand shows vehicle speed. The right section shows the combined power reserve of conventional and electric motors with two hands. The left section shows important info like temperature, battery, and fuel level. Remember the Veyron could burn through a full tank in 12 minutes at top speed!? Without a single doubt, we believe that the Tourbillon lasts a few minutes longer.

What’s in It for Car Lovers?

For car lovers, the big news is that the Tourbillon doesn’t share any parts with its predecessor, not even the famous W16 engine. Instead, it has a new naturally aspirated V16 engine with an 8.3-liter capacity, revving up to 9,000 RPM and producing 1,000 horsepower. 

The crankshaft is 1 meter long, and the engine is 40 cm longer than the W16. And, this is what increases the wheelbase by 27 cm. Still, the car remains the same length as the Chiron. That’s impressive engineering, by all means!  

From the presentation videos, this engine sounds unique.  It is rawer and higher-pitched compared to the W16, probably because it doesn’t have the famous four turbines. When combined with the naturally aspirated engine, it produces 1,800 horsepower thanks to three electric motors.

bugattI tourbillon WHEEL CHRONO SCENT

We love that the engineers decided to use butterfly doors instead of regular ones. Connecting the worlds of watches and cars through the instrument panel and the name is a fascinating choice! Yet, we are not so sure if the name fits considering the company’s history.

The Veyron and Chiron were named after Bugatti’s racing drivers Pierre Veyron and Louis Chiron. Looking back at prior years, the EB110 is everyone’s favorite Bugatti of all time.

Porshe 911 S/T vs Bugatti Tourbillon

Let’s get into some details for nerds! The Porsche 911 S/T is a lightweight, special edition model designed for pure driving enjoyment on winding roads. It features a naturally aspirated 4.0-liter flat-six engine. 

There’s a short-ratio manual transmission and extensive weight-saving measures. Some of them are carbon fiber body panels and a lightweight lithium-ion battery. The 911 S/T weighs just 1,380 kg, making it the lightest 992-generation 911 model.

In contrast, the Tourbillon is Bugatti’s first model since the company was acquired by Rimac. It features a hybrid powertrain with a V16 engine and an electric motor, delivering a combined range of 37 miles in electric-only mode.

While both vehicles draw inspiration from the world of horology, the Porsche 911 S/T is focused on delivering an engaging, driver-focused experience on public roads. On the other hand, the Bugatti Tourbillon is an ultra-exclusive, high-performance hybrid hypercar. The 911 S/T is priced at around $290,000, while the Bugatti Tourbillon is expected to cost over $4 million.

bugattI tourbillon BLUE 2024 CHRONO SCENT

Summary – Bugatti Tourbillon

As you can see, the astonishing Bugatti Tourbillon is inspired by some cool watches. It is a new hybrid hypercar from Bugatti after being bought by Rimac. We are impressed by it! 

Powered by a V16 engine and an electric motor, the vehicle can travel 37 miles on electricity alone. All in all, this innovation has left many people breathless, including us!