Seiko has introduced the Prospex SpeedTimer Solar SSC947 as a tribute to the vintage 6139 “Pogue” model. What is so special about this gem? We can only say there are many cool things about this watch! Let’s find out more in our Seiko SpeedTimer Solar SSC947 “Pogue” review!

Introduction to Seiko’s Legacy

So, what is the novelty here? Seiko expands its Speedtimer Solar collection with a new model. And, this one is inspired by one of its most iconic chronographs, the Seiko Chronograph 6139-6002, famously known as the “Pogue” model. The Seiko 6139 “Pogue” stands as one of the most recognizable timepieces from the 1970s. 

Notably, it was named after Colonel William R. Pogue, who wore a similar watch during NASA’s Skylab mission in 1973, making it the first automatic chronograph worn in space. While discussing the 6139, it’s crucial to hop briefly into the history of this renowned mechanism. So, let’s go! 

The Chronograph Race of the 1960s

Are you ready for a history class? During the 1960s, a fierce competition unfolded in the world of watchmaking: the race to create the world’s first automatic chronograph. Competitors included Zenith, quietly developing its mechanism for several years, and a consortium of Swiss manufacturers including Heuer, Hamilton-Buren, Breitling, and Dubois-Dépraz. 

Unbeknownst to the Swiss watchmakers, Seiko in Japan was working on its secret weapon: the 6139 caliber. The watch Seiko named the 6139 Speedtimer likely emerged as the first automatic chronograph on the market (January/February 1969).

Namely, it became one of the most significant and esteemed watches of the 20th century. Now, let’s return to the new model, clearly drawing inspiration from the famed 6139 with its golden dial.

Design and Features

The new Seiko Prospex SpeedTimer bears the model designation SSC947. We can see that this model has a golden sunburst dial with a black ring and sub-dials. In contrast to the Pogue model, which had sub-dials in the same color as the dial, the new SpeedTimer distinguishes itself with contrasting dark sub-dials. 

Two details directly inherited from the Pogue model are the red small second hand at the 6 o’clock sub-dial and the hour markers. These details are identical to those found on the 6139 model. And they set the SSC947 apart from all other SpeedTimer Solar models. The bezel is crafted in a Pepsi style with a tachymeter scale in the blue and red combination. All these details pay a clear homage to the 6139 model, which celebrates its 55th anniversary this year. 

Seiko Prospex SpeedTimer Solar SSC947 Specifications and More

The Seiko Prospex SpeedTimer Solar SSC947 comes in the standard case, inspired by the 62MAS model. We can see a diameter of 39mm and a lug-to-lug height of 45.5mm. The case and bracelet are made of stainless steel with a brushed finish. 

Like all Prospex SpeedTimer Solar models, this one is powered by the following: 

  • Seiko’s quartz caliber with chronograph and solar charging, the V192. 

Seiko caliber V192 is a solar-powered chronograph mechanism with a power reserve indicator. V192 offers a chronograph of up to 60 minutes, a 24-hour sub-dial, small seconds, date display. 

Also, did you know that when it is fully charged, it operates for up to six months without exposure to light? Nice! 

The SpeedTimer chronograph is accurate to +/- 15 seconds per month. Seiko Prospex SpeedTimer Solar chronographs are highly popular among enthusiasts, and there are currently many variations of this model. It’s evident that Seiko waited for the anniversary (55 years) to commemorate it in this way.

Seiko Prospex SpeedTimer Solar SSC947 Price

The Seiko Prospex SpeedTimer Solar SSC947 will be a standard production model, not limited in availability. What’s more, it will be priced between 600 and 700 EUR.

For more information on availability and specifications, you can visit the official Seiko website.

Seiko Prospex Speedtimer vs Rolex Daytona

Many people spotted that the Seiko Prospex Speedtimer and the Rolex Daytona share a striking visual similarity. Yet, they indeed exist on opposite ends of the price and exclusivity spectrum, for sure! While the Seiko can be had for around $700, making it an accessible option for many enthusiasts, the Rolex Daytona is one of the most coveted and expensive watches in the world. This one has pre-owned models often selling for over $20,000.

Despite this vast difference in price, both watches feature the iconic tachymeter bezels, and sporty, chronograph-focused aesthetics that have made them enduring classics. Are you seeking the classic chronograph look without the hefty price tag? If yes, the Seiko Prospex Speedtimer offers an ideal alternative to the prestigious Rolex model.

Final Words

As you can see, this timepiece has many things to offer. With its striking golden sunburst dial, contrasting sub-dials, and Pepsi-style bezel, the SSC947 looks modest while offering precision and style. We absolutely love it! Check it out on Seiko’s official website for more details fast!