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June 8, 2024WatchesDid you know that Chronoswiss is a young, independent luxury watchmaker? Only a small number of people know about them, but they have impeccable things to offer! So, what is there to know about the new Chronoswiss ReSec Manufacture? Let’s go into more detail about this gem! Chronoswiss ReSec Manufacture 101 These cool watches are [...]
May 24, 2024WatchesDespite some drama last year aiming to dim its glow, the heartwarming auction called Only Watch is back on track. It is dedicated to helping sick kids get the treatment they need.  Some folks in the watch world tried to drag its name through the mud, accusing them of hiding info about where the donation money [...]
April 19, 2024WatchesHey there, Doxa enthusiasts! Are you ready to dive into the world of some real excellence with the latest Doxa Sub 200T collection? These new models are shaking things up with smaller cases, vibrant dial colors, and prices that won’t break the bank. It’s time to redefine your sense of adventure! So, are you ready [...]
March 13, 2024WatchesWhen the Murph watch, straight from the heart of “Interstellar,” landed on our doorstep, it was like getting a piece of movie magic delivered. Unwrapping the 38mm version, the emotional punch hit unexpectedly. This timepiece is something entirely different if you ask us! Indeed it’s about carrying the weight of an entire cinematic journey. Now, [...]
March 7, 2024WatchesAlright, strap in folks, we’re on a detailed journey through the world of 36mm watch models. No holding back – we’re here to explore each timepiece inside and out. Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of these extraordinary watches that not only fit your wrist but also fit your style seamlessly. Read on for more!  Why [...]
March 4, 2024WatchesHey there watch enthusiasts! Now, have you ever pondered on the significance of a good watch box? It’s not just a place to stash your timepieces. We are talking about a style statement, a guardian, and a whole lot more! So buckle up, because we’re about to dive into the world of watch boxes. Read [...]
March 3, 2024WatchesLet’s dive into the world of Bvlgari’s Octo Finissimo in rose gold. This is indeed a timepiece that’s turning heads for all the right reasons. It’s not your average watch, and we can say that it’s a departure from the norm. We’re here to unravel the charm of this elegant piece and see why it’s [...]
February 29, 2024WatchesToday, we have something special for all the Seiko enthusiasts out there! Let’s dive into the captivating world of Seiko’s Cocktail Time collection. The watch we are reviewing today indeed has some top-notch features! What’s more, not many people are talking about it. Are you ready to discover more interesting facts? Stay tuned, and let’s [...]
February 28, 2024WatchesSo, let’s talk about something really cool in the watch game. Today, we’re diving into the world of Konstantin Chaykin. A Russian inventor named Konstantin Chaykin decided to create watches that are not just timekeepers but pieces of art. Founded in 2003, his brand quickly became the talk of the town among watch enthusiasts. Why? [...]
February 23, 2024WatchesInterested in luxury watches? What about Bovet watches? Buckle up because we’re diving into the fascinating world of Bovet’s Récital 26 Brainstorm Chapter Two. This timepiece indeed has many avant-garde things to offer. In our opinion, it’s a symphony of elegance and luxury that’ll leave you breathless. Let’s dive in and see what this Bovet [...]
February 20, 2024WatchesSo, DOXA, a quite popular watch company, has a gem called the DOXA Sub 1500T Caribbean. It’s like a water superhero with a water resistance of 1500m. That’s five times more than your usual diving watch, like the SUB300. But hold on, it’s not just about the numbers here. Let’s figure out what makes this [...]
February 19, 2024WatchesBreitling, the iconic watchmaker, is revealing a striking collaboration with none other than fashion icon Victoria Beckham. The result? Six exclusive limited-edition Breitling Chronomat models. You can see that each design comes with a modern, vibrant twist. Only 1,500 pieces are up for grabs, making these watches a coveted addition to any collection. Now, let’s [...]
February 19, 2024WatchesDid you know that Casio, the watch giant we all love, didn’t start its journey with wrist candy? Not really! Picture this – back in 1946, Tadao Kashio kicked things off with a cigarette ring called yubiwa lula. Flash forward to 1957, and bam, Casio Computers burst onto the scene, introducing the world to digital [...]
February 16, 2024WatchesAlright, buckle up, folks! Piaget just dropped a bombshell – the Piaget Polo 79. Picture this: power struggles, fashion showdowns, and a hint of uncertainty about the future. Now, fast forward to 2024, and bam! Piaget is back, bringing the vibes of the iconic 1979 model that legends like Miles Davis and Bjorn Borg flaunted. [...]
February 10, 2024WatchesArnold & Son is celebrating the Year of the Dragon with some seriously awesome timepieces. We are talking about the Luna Magna and Perpetual Moon models! What’s so special about these watches? They are all about capturing the vibe of imperial power, brains, and good fortune. Now, let’s talk about the one and only – [...]
February 3, 2024WatchesLet’s take a joyride into the world where microbrands usually try to play it cool. But hey, the Canopy Watch Company is tossing out the rulebook with their real gem – the Canopy Wake One. Two watch fanatics, Machlen Polfliet & Ross Tomson, decided to create something that breaks the mold. Are you ready to [...]
February 1, 2024WatchesGreetings watch aficionados! Hublot just dropped a bomb – the Big Bang Unico SAXEM. Let’s break it down and get cozy with Saxem, the cool material that makes this watch stand out. Now, let’s dig deeper into our informative Hublot Big Bang Unico SAXEM review! Stay tuned for some mind-blowing facts! The Marvel of Saxem [...]
January 21, 2024WatchesLongines, the well-known luxury watch brand, is starting 2024 with a bang! They just dropped the new Master Collection GMT, and it’s a game-changer! These watches are all about sophistication and style without being too flashy. Let’s break it down. Read our Longines Master Collection GMT review to discover more! The New Master Collection GMT [...]
January 14, 2024WatchesIn the dynamic world of watches, a seismic shift occurred on April 14, 2020. Namely, Rolex, Patek Philippe, Chanel, Chopard, and Tudor dropped a bombshell. They were parting ways with Baselworld. This unexpected exit, dubbed “Rolexit,” was a game-changer, but the signs of discontent had been simmering beneath the surface. Let’s learn more about this! [...]
January 8, 2024WatchesWelcome to the world of Tudor! On this journey through time, we’ll hop into the details of one of Tudor’s finest creations – the Royal 38mm. We will uncover the elegance and affordability that define the Tudor Royal 38mm. Get ready to be captivated by a watch that outperforms simple timekeeping. Stay tuned! Discovering Tudor’s [...]
January 7, 2024WatchesWelcome to our Squale 1521 review! If you’re into diving and all things awesome, you’ve probably heard of Squale watches. They’re the real deal, especially when it comes to crafting watches for the deep blue sea. Today, we’re checking out their star player – the Squale 1521. Get ready for a splash of details and [...]
December 30, 2023WatchesIt’s time for us to talk about watches with a splash of the sea. Spinnaker watches are intriguing, practical, and a daily fashion statement. In this aquatic domain, Spinnaker arises as a favorite microbrand. Let’s set sail on a journey through their latest gem in our Spinnaker watch review! More specifically, the spotlight stealer is [...]
December 23, 2023WatchesLet’s get straight to it – the Tudor Heritage Advisor takes the crown in Tudor’s lineup, even outshining the beloved Black Bay 58. This understated gem weaves together history, unique design, scarcity, and practicality, making it a must-have for watch enthusiasts. Keep reading this Tudor Heritage Advisor review for more interesting facts about this gem! [...]
December 17, 2023FragrancesEncre Indigo from Lalique is a crafted experience, a story told with every spray. The perfumer Annick Menardo turns the application of this scent into a complete sensory experience. Let’s dig deeper into the mind-blowing Lalique Encre Indigo! Lalique 101 Lalique is an outstanding luxury French brand. It is known for making beautiful glass stuff, [...]
December 16, 2023WatchesGet ready to dive into the extraordinary world of Bell & Ross! This is an outstanding watch brand, by all means! Moreover, the BR 01 Cyber Skull Sapphire Ice Blue is a timepiece that laughs in the face of the ordinary.  It gives us stunning crossbones and a skull motif on its dial. Think of [...]
December 16, 2023WatchesAlright, watch lovers, get ready for a wild ride as we plunge into the enchanting world of Heinrich! If you didn’t know, this is a German gem nestled in the scenic Baden-Württemberg region. Today, we’re turning the spotlight on their latest marvel—the Heinrich Taucher 2 GMT. This model is a promise of adventure wrapped around [...]
December 3, 2023WatchesDid you know that the Nivada Grenchen Antarctic was designed for American expeditions to the continent? Back in the 1950s, Nivada Grenchen made waves crafting watches for the US Antarctic expedition, Operation Deep Freeze. Let’s dive into the Nivada Grenchen Antarctic – waterproof, anti-magnetic, and automatic, born from the brand’s Aquamatic line. Fast forward, and [...]
December 2, 2023WatchesIf you’ve been snoozing on Baltic, it’s time to wake up and catch some serious sparkle. We’re talking about the new PVD gold versions of our favorite Baltic watches. These are the Baltic MR01 micro-rotor automatic, Baltic Bicompax 002, and Baltic HMS 002. We are talking about golden elegance and sleek black dials. Sweet combo, [...]
November 26, 2023WatchesSo, you’re in the market for a luxury Swiss watch, and the age-old debate has surfaced – Rolex or Breitling? Let’s dive into the details of these two iconic brands! We will unravel the mystery of which one might be the perfect fit for you. So, Breitling vs Rolex? Read more to make up your [...]
November 22, 2023WatchesIt’s time for us to dig deeper into the new marvel presented by Ulysse Nardin! Ulysse Nardin is at it again, rocking the horology world with the release of the Freak ONE OPS at Dubai Watch Week 2023. You remember Freak ONE, right?  Brace yourself because this new kid on the block takes everything cool [...]