Whether you feel like you are a watch enthusiast or simply finding the watch world, you would have likely heard of Seiko. Why is Seiko so popular?

Since its beginning in 1881, they have sold millions of watches across the earth. Yet, why is Seiko so popular, especially in recent years? Find out why they are constantly one step ahead of the rest.

In this day and age, watches are highly in demand in the pre-owned market. The prosperous narrative, timeless structures, and extremely inventive movements make all the Seiko watches unique. Most notably, Seiko is unique because its fans have an individual association with their timepieces.

Why Is Seiko So Popular?

Down below, you will see all the good reasons why is Seiko so popular. There are many of them! Also, you will see the most wanted Seiko watch models.

The Perspective of Seiko

To comprehend the Seiko watch sensation, we must first discuss the brand’s perspective. Seiko has always been about time, invention, and class. Their exceptional line of timepieces emphasizes these values as well as aids in breaking new ground.

From the functional wall clocks and the traditional quartz to their more recent solar models, it is not an overstatement to say this business is on a quest for perfection. What’s more, numerous Seiko watches have included world-first technologies and formed new benchmarks in accuracy.

The essential principle of Seiko’s corporation is to be a business that society trusts. Every team member sticks to this perspective and aims to provide the trustworthy quality Seiko has become famous for.

The Importance of Innovation

Seiko can trace its narrative back to 1881, when a watch shop came into existence in Tokyo, Japan. Since its initiation, Seiko has gone on to embrace precision and superiority through steady change.

Starting by fabricating wall clocks and pocket timepieces, in 1913, Seiko founded Japan’s first wristwatch. 43 years later, Seiko would present a timepiece with a movement invented wholly in-house.

The movement was unique as it had not been affected by anything made in Switzerland and included a new Seiko invention.

Before 1960, most individuals thought Swiss watches were the highest quality, and Japanese watches were subordinate. Yet, Seiko was altering the game. With inventions like Japan’s first watch supplied with a stopwatch and the first diver, people’s visions were starting to shift.

There Is More to This

The end of the twentieth century conveyed more inventions like the world’s first TV watch and the world’s first automatic diver’s watch. Yet, the world’s first quartz watch transformed the game.

The Astron 35SQ was the world’s first quartz watch that transformed the watch industry forever.

In 2012, Seiko took its 45-year narrative of producing innovative watches and used it in the domain of solar technology by making the world’s first GPS solar timepiece.

Now, Seiko is one of the most cherished brands on the market. Also, it is one of the few merged watch companies accountable for designing, engineering, and manufacturing.

They create and design their movements with leading-edge tech and incontestable artistry. When you buy a Seiko watch, you are not only buying a nice watch, but you are buying a part of the timekeeping narrative.

Attention to Detail

Seiko means ‘exquisite’ in Japanese, and everyone strongly agrees. There is undoubtedly no denying the quality of each Seiko watch.

Every watch has authentic leather bands and sapphire crystal glass for inventive movements. Seiko tends to ingrain its creations with eye-catching style, indisputable refinement, and premium technology.

Seiko has advanced to become one of the world’s most reputable watchmakers.


Seiko truly has something for all, never mind their lifestyle or budget. This is one of the reasons why is Seiko so popular. The brand suggests watches for men and women, each with many styles, including divers and sports timepieces.

You won’t be under attack to find a good watch for men under $500. Yet, don’t be surprised when you see some submerge into the $5,000+ mark. If you’re searching for a more reasonable watch, don’t let the cheaper price tag trick you. Keep in mind that Seiko does not trade off on quality.

As the authorized timekeeper for over thirty-one Olympic Games, Seiko knows a secret about what makes a superb watch. That said, if you want a new quality watch, Seiko has you covered.

The 8 Best Seiko Watches That Are Worth Buying In 2022

These days, Seiko works in two fields connecting the future and the past. It advances innovation by updating the Astron with solar-powered GPS. At the same time, it produces classy reissues of revolutionary mechanical watches from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. 

Besides these, there are dozens of models — both quartz and automatic — that provide a modern and retro look at more than affordable prices.

Seiko PROSPEX Men’s Watch SRPC93#1 Seiko PROSPEX SRPC93

The Seiko PROSPEX is a watch from the series of Seiko’s best watches for under $500. It has a stainless steel case and a silver-colored steel band with a fold-over deployment clasp locking system.

Also, it has a hardlex mineral crystal glass for scratch protection. You can use the watch on any occasion, formal or informal.

Main Features: 

  • 44.5 mm steel case blue dial
  • 22 mm silver color steel dial
  • 13 mm thick watch.
  • Water resistant – 200M
  • Screw down crown
  • Analog display
  • Japanese automatic movement.
  • 24 months of manufacturer warranty

You can check it out on Amazon.com

Seiko SSG021 Dress Watch#2 Seiko SSG021 Dress Watch

This watch is among the most popular watches in the range of watches under $500.

This watch is very attractive and elegant because it comes in a combination of black and gold. Made of stainless steel with a black dial, gold polish, labels, LumiBrite hands, sapphire crystal, screw-down case back, and cabochon cover. 

This is a sleek watch that includes leap year, month, day, and date, with a perpetual calendar.

Main Features:

  • 44 mm steel black color dial
  • 20 mm golden color steel band
  • Water resistant up to 100m
  • Alarm functionality
  • Chronograph function
  • Day/Date & time display
  • Power reserve display
  • 3-fold clasp with push button locking

You can check it out on Amazon.com

Seiko SSG010 COUTURE Analog#3 Seiko SSG010 COUTURE Analog

The Seiko Men’s SSG010 COUTURE Analogue watch with a Japanese two-tone quartz display is a very stylish watch. It is a watch from the range of Seiko automatic analog watches.

The watch is produced in 3 basic colors: silver, gold, and black. 

The bright black dial shows Lumi Brite’s hands and arrows, a date calendar, and three gold-illuminated subdials.

Main Features:

  • 44.5 mm steel black color dial with golden border
  • 26 mm gold & silver color steel band
  • Remote controlled
  • Japanese-quartz movement
  • 24-hour hands support
  • Auto hand alignment
  • Date display with the full-auto calendar
  • Power saver & quick-start functionality

You can check it out on Amazon.com

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Seiko SARB017 Automatic Watch#4 Seiko SARB017 Automatic Watch

This men’s watch is another interesting one. It comes in color combinations of brown, green, silver & golden. 

This watch has a case made of stainless steel equipped with scratch-resistant sapphire glass. Also, it has a screw-down crown and a brown leather strap with a crocodile pattern. 

The green dial has digits in golden color, an inner revolving compass band, and a date display.

Main Features:

  • 39.5 mm steel green color dial that incorporates a silver border
  • 22 mm brown color leather band with tang buckle
  • 12 mm thickness
  • Analog display
  • Sapphire crystal glass
  • Inner rotating compass ring
  • Water-resistant up to 660 feet

You can check it out on Amazon.com

Seiko Presage Automatic Blue Dial#5 Seiko Presage Automatic Blue Dial

This one has a silver & dark blue color combination, which looks simply perfect. 

The blue background looks amazing in the sun. It has smaller dimensions, and you will be surprised how thin it is. It has also a transparent back.

Main Features:

  • Self-winding automatic movement
  • Caliber 4R35B hackable second hands
  • 41 mm stainless steel blue color dial
  • 22 mm stainless steel silver color band
  • Push button deployment clasp locking
  • Hardlex mineral crystal dial glass
  • Date display, silver color markers & hands
  • 12 mm thickness watch
  • Water resistant – 5 ATM

You can check it out on Amazon.com

Seiko SARB035 Japanese-Automatic#6 Seiko SARB035 Japanese-Automatic

This model is also classy and precious like other Seiko watches.

This is a mechanical watch with a case and band of stainless steel which is fitted with scratch-resistant sapphire stones.

A date calendar includes the cream-colored chronograph and hands from LumiBrite.

Main Features:

  • 50-hour power reserve capacity
  • Japanese-automatic movement
  • 38.4 mm white color dial
  • 22 mm steel band
  • 11.2 mm thickness
  • Water-resistant
  • 2 years warranty

You can check it out on Amazon.com

Seiko Prospex Padi Solar SNE435P1#7 Seiko Prospex Padi Solar SNE435P1

Seiko Prospex Padi Solar comes in silver & blue colors. That is, by all means, a fantastic combination.

This watch is solar-driven and completely autonomous. A perfect reason why is Seiko so popular.

Main Features:

  • Caliber V157 quartz movement
  • 43 mm stainless steel case
  • 22 mm steel band
  • Push button safety locking system
  • Hardlex mineral crystal glass
  • Date display with magnifier
  • Lumibrite hands & markers
  • Rotating elapsed bezel
  • 12 mm thickness watch
  • Water resistant up to 200m

You can check it out on Amazon.com

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Seiko Prospex SRPC07 Automatic#8 Seiko Prospex SRPC07 Automatic

This Seiko watch for men is classy and trendy at the same time.

The watch comes with a silver and exotic orange color combination.

Main Features:

  • Automatic watch movement
  • Rotating elapsed timing bezel
  • 44 mm orange color steel dial
  • Water-resistant up to 200m
  • 22 mm silver color steel band
  • 12 mm thickness
  • 2-year warranty
  • 3-fold clasp locking system

You can check it out on Amazon.com