Can Guys Wear Pearls? #1 Mind-Blowing Trend

Can Guys Wear Pearls?

Up until recently, the design of pearl jewelry was mostly feminine. That is why men generally avoided wearing pearls. Today’s designers of pearl jewelry understood this and began making models that are more unisex and masculine in appearance. Can guys wear pearls? Stay tuned for more!

For example, they took black Tahitian pearls, which turned out to be perfect for making men’s jewelry. These gemstones are black with various shades. The dark color of the jewelry makes it more masculine and mysterious. Black Tahitian pearls are the only black-colored pearls you can find worldwide.

So, you are wondering can guys wear pearls? Men can definitely wear pearl jewelry. There is a variety of trendy & masculine options that you can pick from. You can go for those superb men’s pearl necklaces to cufflinks & bracelets, the decision is on you!

History of Pearl Jewelry for Men

In various cultures, pearls and other gems are a symbol of wealth, power, and nobility. Throughout history, men have always preferred to wear other precious stones than pearls. That was an unwritten rule. However, rules are there to be broken. And that is the easiest and most natural thing to do in fashion.

Making pearl jewelry for men started shyly. Jewelry designers used to make men’s jewelry from smaller pearls. Yet today, they are using bigger and bigger pearls.

This is what men like and what is becoming a trend in the fashion world. So, there is no need to ask – can guys wear pearls – it’s obvious by now!

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Pearl Accessories for Men

Nowadays, designers frequently use pearl details in making men’s jewelry. There are many different combinations of pearl accessories that we can see both in the fashion industry and in everyday life.

For example, let’s take a look at some of the most popular pearl accessories for men:

  • Pearl cufflinks for men
  • Pearl tie tacks for men
  • Pearl bracelets & necklaces for men

Pearl Cufflinks

Pearl cufflinks for men are used mostly on special, formal occasions. They are a sign by which we recognize modern, well-dressed, and stylish men. Pearl cufflinks are great for weddings and all kinds of celebrations.

One thing is certain – it will make your appearance impressive and memorable and every suit special and unique. This truly goes without saying! 

Pearl Tie Tacks for Men 

Decorate your favorite tie with pearl tie-tacks for men. You will look classy and stylish, almost like royalty. Many people usually forget about this. Still, this is a must-have men’s accessory! 

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Pearl Bracelets & Necklaces for Men

Guys are now wearing pearl bracelets or pearl necklaces for men, mostly with Tahitian black pearls. It gives them a so-called edgy look without being feminine, as you may think. 

Leather, for example, is fashionable and can be perfectly paired with pearls. Pearl necklaces are very trendy and don’t hesitate to wear them.