The Cheapest Rolex for Men? – 8 Best Picks

The Cheapest Rolex for Men? - 8 Best Picks

Rolex has always been linked with luxury, quality, artistry, and the price that often goes with all that. For one of the world’s most elegant and expensive watch brands, it’s safe to say there’s no such thing as a cheap Rolex. (Fake ones don’t count) Still, some pieces are, if not cheap, at least less pricey than others. Are you on a budget? If so, then the list in regards to the cheapest Rolex for men gets narrower. Sad but true.

Yet, the good news is that cheap Rolex watches do exist. Moreover, it’s likely to purchase one without refinancing your home or vending your car. In this guide, you will find the cheapest Rolex for men that can suit you perfectly. We will also show you where to get that superb and affordable Rolex.

The Cheapest Rolex for Men – What to Look For

Before the search for the cheapest Rolex begins, let’s dive into what you should look for in the first place.

  • Model. It goes without saying that there are numerous types of Rolex models to pick from. Each starts at a diverse price point, with some being cheaper than others. For those looking for the cheapest Rolex for men, you should consider the Datejust, Oyster Perpetual, as well as the Air-King. These styles won’t hit your wallet as much (although they’re still not precisely ‘cheap’).
  • Movement. Today, Rolex watches are either self or manually winding. Be that as it may, this wasn’t always the case. The luxury watchmaker earlier produced a small portion of battery-powered timepieces named ‘Oysterquartz.’ This finished in 2001, but you can still find some of these pieces on the pre-owned market (and they may be some of the cheapest Rolex for men).
  • Material. Keep in mind that your Rolex watch materials play a huge part in its worth. The bracelet, dial, and bezel structure can all impact the price. Platinum is typically the most expensive, then gold and stainless steel. The cheapest Rolex watches for men are often made from the latter. Bezels can consist of a mixture of materials. That includes gold, titanium, and ceramic. Still, you might also find luxuries such as diamonds.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual#1 Rolex Oyster Perpetual

Quietly snuggled among a list of A-list headliners is the Rolex Oyster Perpetual. Of course, its genuinely remarkable look-alikes are craving your attention and money. Still, Rolex Perpetual is waiting for high-spirited watch lovers to make their moves.

Elegant and unique, without being extravagant or flashy, this Rolex watch is a great entry-level choice. It will set you back slightly over $4,000.

It delivers almost everything you require from a luxury timepiece without the overly exaggerated price tag. Thanks to its refined stainless steel case and white Roman numeral face, it’ll look amazing with your entire wardrobe. Whether you’re dressing for an office, a meeting, or lunch with friends, this is your best bet!

Rolex Air King#2 Rolex Air King

Saving for and then purchasing a Rolex is no easy accomplishment. The starting cost alone is often prohibitive for most men.

So how precisely do you go about turning your ideal watch into a reality? Shopping in the pre-owned market clearly gets you a bunch more bang for your buck. This truly goes without saying!

You can find a pre-owned Rolex Air King for around $7,000. So it’s not spare change, but it’s one of the most affordable Rolexes you’ll come across.

It arrives with a 34mm stainless steel Oyster case, perfect for slimmer wrists.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust 36#3 Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust 36

Have you been typing in Google “best men’s gold Rolex for sale” or “best Rolex gold watches for men?” If yes, this model is just for you! Count in a few diamonds and a bit of gold, and certainly, you will need to sell your home to afford one. Not so accurate with this one. Yes, you may have to go easy on the takeouts for some time.

This pre-owned 1987 Rolex Datejust will cost you just over $6,000. Be that as it may, it does define a proper entry point into the world of luxury watches. Showcasing a whole lot of refinement and good taste, it has an 18k yellow gold and the famous stainless steel jubilee bracelet.

What’s more, it has a refined champagne dial with yellow gold-tone hands and diamond hour markers. So, you have found the cheapest Rolex for men, which is truly the fanciest.

Tip: Rolex is clearly a timeless watch brand that any man should own, without a doubt! Are you interested in men’s fragrances? If so, make sure to check out our guide on the best men’s fragrances for spring! There are many cool options on the market.

Rolex Explorer Ii Polar#4 Rolex Explorer II Polar

If you were to classify the Rolex Explorer, it sits someplace between a sporty and elegant watch. It was at first made for adventurers after the first climb to summit Mount Everest.