Nomadic Pitch Black Review: Belfast’s Microbrand

Nomadic Pitch Black watch

The world of watches, especially microbrands, is fascinating yet occasionally perplexing. In the spotlight today is the Nomadic Pitch Black, part of the Maraí 401 watch series. What we discovered about this timepiece was nothing short of unexpected. 

While its resemblance to the Tudor Black Bay caught our attention, it didn’t stop there. In the world of watches, you must dig deeper to uncover the variation, and today, we tackle an exploration of this intriguing Belfast microbrand. Keep reading our Nomadic Pitch Black review for more. 

Nomadic Pitch Black Specifications

Let’s start by delving into the Nomadic Pitch Black specs. Here’s a snapshot of its impressive features:

  • 40mm Stainless Steel Case: A sleek and durable frame.
  • 49mm Lug to Lug: Ensuring a comfortable fit on your wrist
  • 11.5mm Thickness: A slim profile for an elegant look.
  • 20mm Lug Width: Ideal for various strap options.
  • 149 Grams: A lightweight companion for your adventures.
  • Ceramic Bezel Insert: Combining style and functionality.
  • Domed Sapphire Crystal: Offering clarity and resilience.
  • 200m Water Resistance: Ready to take the plunge.
  • Sellita SW200-1 Automatic Movement: Reliable Swiss craftsmanship.
  • Swiss BGW9 Lume Compound: For brilliant glow in the dark.
  • 20mm Bracelet/Tapers to 16mm: A versatile bracelet design.
  • Manufactured in Asia/Assembled in Belfast: Meticulously crafted with plans for future assembly in Belfast.

The Nomadic Pitch Black is priced at $999 at the moment.

A Journey into Nomadic Roots

Before we dive deeper into this watch’s characteristics, let’s understand its backstory. The Nomadic Pitch Black, or more precisely, the Nomadic Maraí 401 Diver, belongs to a brand hailing from Belfast, Ireland. The brand’s name is derived from the SS Nomadic, a historic ship built alongside the Titanic

Since its return to Belfast in 2006, the SS Nomadic has been transformed into a museum, embodying a rich maritime history. The brand takes pride in being assembled and tested in Belfast at the Nomadic Headquarters (though, as of late 2023, the watches are still manufactured in Asia).

A Familiar Resemblance

The Nomadic Pitch Black may strike you as reminiscent of the Tudor Black Bay, and you’re not alone in this observation. While the watch brags about a unique yellow secondhand symbolizing the SS Nomadic’s iconic features, it’s clear that the design pays homage to the Black Bay. 

Yet, it’s crucial to clarify that it isn’t a direct replica. The crown, hands, and bracelet all exhibit differences that set it apart. Think of it as akin to a Steinhart Ocean One – similar but distinct.

Nomadic Pitch Black Price Puzzle

The plot thickens when we consider the price point. The Nomadic Pitch Black comes with a price tag of $1000 (or $1100 with the date complication). Meanwhile, the San Martin SN008, which appears to share striking similarities with this watch, is priced at $406. 

This price differential raises some questions. Are they the same in terms of case, dial, crown, and bracelet quality? Does Nomadic’s assembly and testing in Ireland offer added value? These are factors worth pondering.

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Nomadic Pitch Black Review: Belfast's Microbrand

The Quintessential Homage

Despite its similarities, it’s crucial to reiterate that the Nomadic Pitch Black isn’t a blatant copy or replica. It’s more like an homage. 

While it draws inspiration from the Tudor Black Bay, it has unique attributes that distinguish it. However, the pricing still stands out, considering that similar watches in the market are available at a lower cost.