Welcome to the world of REISER watches. At the core of their philosophy is the relentless pursuit of excellence, presented by the REISER Alpen Date. Made with careful attention to detail, this watch is proof of precision and creativity in German watch brands. Keep reading for more interesting facts! 

REISER Alpen Date Specifications

  • Material: Crafted from durable 316L Stainless Steel for longevity and style.
  • Diameter: A versatile 41mm size, striking the perfect balance for various wrist sizes.
  • Thickness: 11.45 MM offering a sleek yet substantial presence on your wrist.
  • Resistance: With a capacity of 50 meters, it’s resistant to splashes and everyday water exposure.
  • Crystal: Sapphire crystal with AR finish, providing scratch resistance.
  • Safety: 24-month warranty, which begins on the purchase date.
  • Hands: An elegant and readable design with BGW9 Swissluminova.

Case Design and Dimensions

Picture this: a 41-mm wide and 11.45mm thick masterpiece decorating your wrist. The Alpen Date has an eight-sided dial, available in cool shades of blue, green, and black

Each watch is hand-assembled in the watchmaking hub of Pforzheim, Germany, a city renowned for its horological expertise. The brushed surfaces and smooth chamfers add a touch of refinement, making this debutant watch a visual delight.

REISER Alpen Date Colors, Casings, and Straps

What sets the Alpen Date apart is its versatility. You have the option to choose from a casing of rose gold or stainless steel, each radiating its unique charm. The dial colors are completed by a selection of straps. Notably, this is:

  • Italian tanned leather, 
  • rose gold metal, 
  • stainless steel, 
  • blue Italian leather, 
  • green Italian leather, and 
  • black Italian leather. 

This variety ensures that your watch is not just a timepiece but an extension of your style.

Precision in Motion

At the heart of the Alpen Date lies a powerful movement, ticking at 21,600 vibrations per hour. This guarantees accurate timekeeping, allowing you to navigate your day with confidence. 

With an exceptional 41-hour reserve power, the Alpen Date keeps pace with your active lifestyle, whether you’re in the boardroom or on an outdoor adventure.

REISER Alpen Date Price

Luxury doesn’t have to come with an exorbitant price tag. We are aware of this when it comes to some of the mind-blowing micro brands such as Maen, Venezianico, and REISER.

REISER understands the value of affordability. Notably, they offer the REISER Alpen Date watch at a compelling price point. Priced at $590 with a leather strap and $625 for stainless steel options, this one provides superior value without compromising on quality. 

So, it’s an investment in style and functionality that won’t break the bank.

REISER watches

German Watch Brands – Infinite Choices

  • A. Lange & Söhne: These guys are the OGs of German watches, crafting masterpieces since 1845. Think smart designs and nice attention to detail!
  • Archimede: Looking for affordable sports watches for men? Archimede is your go-to. They blend quality and affordability like no other.
  • Braun: Known for their sleek designs, Braun watches are a marriage of style and function. Fans of minimalism, this one’s for you!
  • Chronoswiss: Imagine traditional watchmaking meets modern flair – that’s Chronoswiss for you. Luxe watches with a contemporary twist.
  • Damasko: Calling all adventurers! Damasko’s aviation and pilot watches are tough, precise, and ready for any challenge.
  • Daniel Malchert: For something truly unique, check out Daniel Malchert’s limited edition watches. Each piece is a work of art! We must say that! 
  • Glashütte Original: Pure luxury, folks! Glashütte Original crafts high-end watches using time-honored German techniques. It’s elegance at its finest.
  • Hanhart: Precision? Check. Durability? Double-check. Hanhart’s chronographs and pilot watches are a mix of style and sturdiness.
  • Junghans: Junghans is all about affordable and high-end watches with clean, minimalist designs. Perfect for those who value simplicity.
  • Kudoke: Handcrafted wonders! Kudoke’s unique, artistic watches are a testament to artistry and creativity.

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There Is More to This List

  • Mühle Glashütte: Traditional meets modern in Mühle Glashütte’s high-end timepieces. German craftsmanship at its peak!
  • Sinn: Adventurers, Sinn has your back. Diving watches, pilot watches – they do it all. Plus, they’re tough as nails and precise to the second.
  • Stowa: Stowa’s watches are a blend of affordability and precision. Minimalist designs that make a statement without shouting.
  • Union Glashütte: Luxury redefined. Union Glashütte’s high-end watches are a testament to Germany’s rich watchmaking heritage.
  • Wempe: Classic elegance meets modern flair. Wempe’s watches cater to both affordability and sophistication. Timepieces that stand the test of time.
  • Zeppelin: Affordable and stylish, Zeppelin’s watches focus on design and practicality. Budget-friendly options without sacrificing style.

So, are you after intricate designs, affordability, or a blend of both? Either way, these German watch brands have something special waiting for you!

In Conclusion – REISER Alpen Date

In conclusion, the REISER Alpen Date is more than just a watch; it’s a statement of your unique style and sophistication. With its beautiful design, customizable features, and accessible price point, it’s a timepiece that speaks volumes without saying a word. 

You can truly redefine your time with the REISER Alpen Date. They may not be as refined as Rolex, still, your journey to elevated elegance begins here.