DOXA SUB 1500T: Big Waterproof Brilliance

DOXA SUB 1500T Big Waterproof Brilliance

So, DOXA, a quite popular watch company, has a gem called the DOXA Sub 1500T Caribbean. It’s like a water superhero with a water resistance of 1500m. That’s five times more than your usual diving watch, like the SUB300.

But hold on, it’s not just about the numbers here. Let’s figure out what makes this watch special and why it’s not just a numbers game. Let’s hop into our DOXA SUB 1500T review now to discover more!

DOXA SUB 1500T – Meet the Caribbean Blue

First off, the watch has this cool blue dial named Caribbean. Not the turquoise kind, it’s more like deep ocean vibes.

We are really impressed with the unique design of this mind-blowing diver’s watch. Doxa likes to keep things easy to remember, and the Caribbean? Well, that’s memorable.

Big and Bold

Now, about the size – this watch is no shy guy. It’s got a diameter of 45mm, and the case stands tall at 16.25mm. It might sound huge, but we all know that’s the Doxa style.

The sapphire crystal and the 120-click bezel make sure it’s not just big but also precise. The lugs are small, and there’s a neat detail with screws securing the strap. Safety first, right?

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DOXA SUB1500T 1500m Waterproof Brilliance

The Dive-Ready Details

Talking about safety, the SUB 1500 T doesn’t mess around. This is a fact!

The screw-in crown is not only larger but has an orange fish on it. It’s like the Doxa signature move, and it adds a nice pop of color. This is quite interesting!

Dialing In the Details

Now, let’s talk about the face of the watch – the dial. Doxa treats it like sacred ground. The orange color they’ve been rocking for over 50 years is still here.

Take a look at what this piece includes:

  • bold hour markers with SuperLuminova,
  • a striking orange minute hand, and
  • a white seconds hand

As you can see, it’s a dial that means business.

Changes at 4 O’Clock

And check this out – at 4 o’clock, they switch things up. The model name SUB1500T Caribbean is right there in white or black letters.

Just above it, there’s a date window to keep you on track. The automatic caliber inside is from ETA, making sure this watch ticks right.