New Breitling Chronomat Models – Victoria Beckham

New Breitling Chronomat Models - Victoria Beckham

Breitling, the iconic watchmaker, is revealing a striking collaboration with none other than fashion icon Victoria Beckham. The result? Six exclusive limited-edition Breitling Chronomat models.

You can see that each design comes with a modern, vibrant twist. Only 1,500 pieces are up for grabs, making these watches a coveted addition to any collection. Now, let’s hop into more deets!

Victoria Beckham’s Influence

The classic Chronomat series gets a refreshing makeover! Notably, they included unisex case colors inspired by Victoria Beckham’s spring/summer 2024 palette. Picture this – peppermint, midnight blue, grey, and sandy hues decorate the dials.

We must say that this indeed creates a visual feast for watch enthusiasts. In her own words, Beckham shares, “I was drawn to Breitling’s heritage as a brand, and I appreciate what they stand for, spanning over a century. I want a watch that I can wear for years and then pass down to my children.” This is a real legacy if you ask us!

Breitling Automatic 36

Timeless Design, Avant-Garde Aesthetics

So, are you wondering about the essence of Breitling’s models? Well, it’s definitely longevity, timeless design, and avant-garde aesthetics.

The collaboration with Victoria Beckham adds a layer of chic sophistication. The classic rouleaux bracelet, case shape, and luminous function-equipped indices remain intact.

The real transformation? The color of the numerals makes these limited editions truly stand out.

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Limited Edition Details

Each watch is a mark of exclusivity. You can see “One of 400” engraved on stainless steel models and “One of 100” on gold models. This is indeed eye-catching and has some charm to it!

The attention to detail extends to a co-branded travel case. We can see exclusivity here, by all means!

gold Breitling Chronomat Automatic 36 - Victoria Beckham

Breitling Chronomat Specifications

What about the case size here? We see a standard 36mm in diameter, a thickness of 10mm, and a weight of 171.4 g. As you can see, these models are unisex and are crafted for both elegance and comfort.

The lineup includes 3 variations in 18-carat gold and 3 in steel. What else is there? You can see:

  • classic gold/steel indices,
  • a date function at six o’clock, and
  • Breitling’s signature hands

Look closely, and you’ll find Victoria Beckham’s initials on the seconds hand, adding a personal touch.