Are you ready for some novelties? Seiko has given us 4 stunning additions to its Astron collection – Seiko Astron Starfull Sky. Yes, you heard it right! This collection features light blue dials with textures that evoke a starry sky. Dubbed Starfull Sky, these new models offer a fresh take on celestial-inspired design. In this blog post, we will reveal all about it, so stay tuned! 

Seiko Introduces Starful Sky Models With Celestial Blue Dials

Despite the popularity of trendy watchmaking hues like turquoise, light blue, and Tiffany blue, Seiko keeps a very restrained approach. The brand has occasionally ventured into these shades throughout history. 

Yet, it has recently shown a more cautious approach to this popular trend. Seiko’s restraint is likely due to its commitment to timeless style and durability. The brand indeed values its traditional colors, such as black and silver. This is the unwritten rule! 

What Makes These New Pieces Unique?

The new Astron models are luxurious and high-quality. Seiko is known for great quality at good prices. Their watches are durable and timeless, a trusted choice for many. 

Every watch in the Astron collection is made from titanium, and enriched with Seiko’s Diamond Shield tech. As a matter of fact, this tech protects against scratches and minor damage. We can indeed confirm that these watches are lightweight and comfy to wear. They’re built to last. 

Seiko Astron SSH157 (SBXC157 JDM)

Now, what about the size? This watch has a 43.3 x 13.4 x 49.5mm titanium case. Its light blue dial looks like a starry night, by all means. It runs on the Seiko chronograph caliber 5×83, powered by solar energy. 

Another interesting point is that it lasts up to six months on a full charge. Limited to 1,500 pieces worldwide, it costs 2,600 EUR.

Seiko Astron Seiko Astron SSJ027 2024

Seiko Astron SBXY077 JDM

This Japan-exclusive watch has a titanium case measuring 41.3 x 10.6 x 46.9mm. Indeed, it is perfect for everyday wear. It uses the Seiko GMT caliber 8B63 with a radio-synchronized movement for precise timekeeping. 

Now, this one is limited to 600 pieces, and it costs 900 EUR.

Seiko Astron SBXY079 JDM

Also available only in Japan, this piece has a 39.6 x 9.5 x 45.4mm titanium case and a minimalist dial. It runs on the Seiko caliber 7B72 radio-synchronized movement. 

Speaking of the price, just like the previous model, it costs 900 EUR.

Seiko Astron Starfull Sky vs Omega Seamaster

Many wanted to know the difference between the Seiko Astron Starfull Sky GPS Solar Limited Edition SSJ027J1 and the Omega Seamaster. So, what is there to say? 

Clearly, these two are quite different luxury watches, each with unique features and characteristics. Here’s a comparison:

Seiko Astron Starfull Sky GPS Solar Limited Edition SSJ027J1

  • GPS Solar Technology: This watch features Seiko’s proprietary GPS solar technology. It receives GPS signals and adjusts its timekeeping accuracy without needing battery replacements.
  • Limited Edition: The Starfull Sky is a limited edition model, making it a unique and exclusive piece.
  • Design: The watch has a modern design with a stainless steel case and a star-patterned dial.

Omega Seamaster

  • Brand: Omega is a well-established luxury watch brand known for its high-quality watches and association with James Bond.
  • Design: The Seamaster collection offers a range of designs, from classic and elegant to sporty and modern. This depends on the specific model.
  • Accuracy: Omega watches are known for their high accuracy, thanks to their precise movements and rigorous testing processes.

New Seiko Astron Starfull Sky blue chrono scent 2024

Key Differences

  • Tech: The Seiko Astron Starfull Sky features GPS solar tech, unique to the brand. Omega Seamaster watches typically use mechanical or quartz movements.
  • Design: The Starfull Sky has a unique star-patterned dial, whereas Omega Seamaster watches have various designs depending on the model.
  • Limited Edition: The Starfull Sky is a limited edition model, whereas Omega Seamaster watches are generally available in various editions.

Ultimately, the choice between the Seiko Astron Starfull Sky and the Omega Seamaster depends on individual preferences. 


Last but not least, we can only say that Seiko Astron watches stand out for sure! You cannot go wrong with getting one for your collection! They are indeed a top choice for high-end watch lovers. Notably, the new Astron models continue this tradition with exquisite design and quality. 

And, you can check out the official Seiko website for more details and purchasing options.