Why Are Montblanc Watches So Expensive?

why are montblanc watches so expensive

As a matter of fact, every great watch brand tends to persistently deliver the highest quality. A quality that is so amazing that it reaches heights like the highest cliff in the Alps. Why are Montblanc watches so expensive, per se? Let’s hop into more details down below!

Indeed, we were referring to the Mont Blanc and more significantly, its namesake, Montblanc. Montblanc is well-known for its high-quality luxury goods.

It is a trademark that started with a simple pen. As time was passing by, ultimately revolutionized the watchmaking enterprise. Montblanc watches, even though not as old as their other brother under Montblanc, is still deep-rooted and valued.

So, what is the mystery behind this watch brand’s triumph despite its young years? Why are Montblanc watches so expensive? Let’s hop into the world of Montblanc watches and uncover its narrative, legacy, best collections, and everything else you need to know about the brand.

Why are Montblanc watches so expensive? Are Montblanc watches good? Montblanc watches have exceptional quality and a strong narrative behind them. They are simply amazing in terms of quality and design. Montblanc watches truly hold their value!

More Details About Montblanc

It all started with just a pen. To many, Montblanc is a familiar name, usually found under present wrappings and cool stripes. Montblanc is a German luxury things brand known for supplying the ideal personalized present — from fountain pens to timepieces.

The company’s roots took off when a Hamburg banker and an engineer from Berlin chose to make easy quality pens.

Much later, the business limited its target market by only concentrating on the production and sale of luxury pens. From luxury pens, the trademark extended to selling other luxury goods such as accessories, leather stuff, and watches. So, why are Montblanc watches so expensive? Let’s hop into more below! 

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Where Are Montblanc Watches Made?

To answer the question – Why are Montblanc watches so expensive? – we first need to see where they are made. Montblanc Watches own two manufacturing facilities: the Montblanc Montre S.A. in Le Locle as well as the Institut Minerva de Recherche en Haute Horlogerie in Villeret. 

The firm’s key manufactory is the one in Le Locle. That is where they make and test most of their timepieces. Yet, for those that need special watchmaking talents, the Minerva in Villeret is where they run.

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The Montblanc S.A.

The Montblanc Montre S.A. is a place where the magic happens. Here’s where Montblanc Watches makes and constructs the parts for most of its timepieces. It is also where the structure team makes the best watch designs for Montblanc.

What’s more, a facility in the Le Locle factory is solely for the highly-skilled Montblanc team of watchmakers and engineers. 

To provide the highest quality, creators carefully formulate many concept drawings. Then, the engineers must then review those for feasibility. They do that via computer-aided design software and 3D printers.