Watches are getting a fresh twist as Oris, the precision champ, partners up with Collective Horology – the folks who’ve danced with big names like IWC Schaffhausen and Zenith. The result? A quirky masterpiece named the Oris x Collective Horology Divers “Seventy-Five.” The excitement is real, and we’re right there with you, expecting nothing short of watchmaking wizardry.

This collaboration is terrific! We’re truly buzzing with curiosity to see how it all comes together. So, let’s dig deeper into our Oris Divers Seventy-Five review!

Oris – Redefining Luxury

Oris, the Swiss watchmaker since 1904, has a rich history. They’re known for making luxurious mechanical watches that blend classic craftsmanship with modern flair. What makes Oris special? Their watches have character and a purpose.

Whether it’s the Oris Divers Sixty-Five Oceanic Green or another model, each watch is designed carefully.

Here’s the cool part – Oris isn’t exclusive, it’s inclusive. Unlike some luxury brands, Oris brings well-made mechanical watches to a broader audience. It’s not as globally famous as some of its counterparts. Yet, its focus on quality, craftsmanship, and value has won over a dedicated following of watch lovers. That’s the Oris touch – turning every tick into a story worth sharing.

Groovy Vibes – Oris x Collective Horology Divers “Seventy-Five”

The name says it all – the Seventy-Five is throwing it back to the ’70s. Imagine bold colors and a bracelet that’s like a throwback playlist. Aside from being a watch, it’s a funky fashion statement inspired by the good old days. This is a fact!

The Seventy-Five is like a time-traveling fashionista, and we’re totally digging the retro vibes it’s bringing to the wrist party.

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Oris Divers 75

Perfect Proportions

Now it’s time to discuss the size of this watch marvel. 40mm of watch perfection with a lug-to-lug dance of 48mm and a slim 12.8mm thickness. It’s not just about looks; it’s about feeling amazing on the wrist. And that unidirectional bezel in a snazzy bronze shade? It’s like a stylish jacket to complete the ensemble.

We believe that this Oris divers watch model is like Goldilocks – not too big, not too small, just right. And that bronze touch? It’s the secret sauce making this watch a style icon.

Colorful Chronometry of Oris Divers Seventy-Five

Now, let’s talk dial – a burst of orange in the middle, vibrant red on the edges, and some fancy numerals at 12, 3, 6, and 9. It’s like the watch is telling you a story, and those luminous hands? They light up like stars in the night. All guarded by a tough sapphire crystal.

We must say the dial of this watch is the life of the party, and we’re all ears for storytelling! The design is simply mind-blowing!

Beyond Ordinary Movements: The Cool Caliber 400

What about the watch movement? Under the hood, there’s the automatic Caliber 400 doing its thing – 28,800 vibrations per hour.

There’s also a smooth 4Hz groove and a mind-blowing 120-hour power nap. Plus, peeking through the back, it’s like a backstage pass to the watch’s inner world.

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new Oris Divers 75 at chrono scent

Limited Edition Elegance

If exclusivity is your game, this watch model is playing it! With just 250 pieces, $4500 a pop – it’s not just a watch; it’s a ticket to the VIP club of horology. You can head to for the deets on snagging your piece of history.

Our take is that this watch is a collector’s dream come true! It’s a limited edition and a bit of a splurge – like owning an antique.

Oris Divers Sixty-Five vs Oris Divers Seventy-Five

Oris Divers Sixty-Five and Oris Divers Seventy-Five pay tribute to ’60s dive watches. Both boast a 40mm stainless steel case. The Oris Divers 65 model rocks a retro vibe with options like Arabic numerals and a dateless dial. Now, enter the Seventy-Five – same case size but with a brand-new Oris perspective.

Sixty-Five is all about that cool retro look and an affordable price tag. On the flip side, Oris Divers 75 takes the classic design. It gives it a modern twist, and voila – a timepiece blending nostalgia with a touch of today. Both scream Oris quality, making them hot picks for watch lovers and collectors alike!

Oris Diver vs Omega Seamaster

When looking at Oris Diver vs. Omega Seamaster, factors matter. Omega excels in innovation, combating electromagnetism, a big threat to analog watches.

Oris shines too, especially with the Oris Aquis collection, known for superb diving watches. Yet, Omega edges out in water resistance, offering more than Oris Aquis. Both brands offer great timepieces. And ultimately, the choice depends on what you value – artistry, innovation, or water resistance.

Oris Aquis vs Diver 65

When looking at the Oris Aquis and Oris Diver 65, key differences arise. We know that the Aquis is the pro diver, rocking 500 meters of water resistance for serious dives. On the flip side, Diver 65 nods to the ’60s with a 100-meter depth, hitting vintage vibes.

Aquis rocks an integrated bracelet with unique lugs. Diver 65? It’s compact, slim, and dresses up or down effortlessly. Your pick depends on you – Aquis for serious divers, Diver 65 for vintage charm seekers.

Oris Diver 65 vs Rolex Submariner

Maybe it’s not a time to talk a lot about Oris Diver 65, but many people asked for this comparison! Oris Diver 65 and Rolex Submariner, have notable key differences. Rolex Submariner, a legend with a 300-meter depth rating, rocks an iconic design and unbreakable build. This one is clearly more expensive than Oris.

Flip the coin, and you’ve got Diver 65 – vintage-inspired, 100-meter water resistance, and a sleek, adaptable look.

Submariner flaunts a rich legacy and universal respect. On the flip side, Diver 65 calls out to those craving retro vibes without breaking the bank. Your call? Submariner for a timeless symbol, Diver 65 for that vintage charm coupled with modern functionality.

Oris Divers Seventy-Five

Oris Divers Seventy-Five Specs

The Basics

  • Brand: Oris x Collective Horology
  • Model: Divers “Seventy-Five”
  • Diameter: 40mm with lug to lug: 48mm
  • Thickness: 12.8mm
  • Case: Stainless steel with bronze bezel
  • Dial Color: Orange, yellow, and red
  • Indexes: Printed 70’s-style indices
  • Lume: Bright numerals and hands
  • Water resistance: 100m
  • Strap/Bracelet: Bronze x stainless steel bracelet

The Movement

  • Caliber: Calibre 400
  • Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds
  • Power Reserve: 120 hours
  • Winding: Automatic
  • Frequency: 4 Hz and 28,800 vph
  • Jewels: 24
  • Diameter: 30mm
  • Thickness: 4.75mm

Pricing & Availability

  • Price: $4500

  • Availability: Watches are now in production and will ship in December 2023.

  • Limited Edition: 250 pieces available at

Final Verdict – Oris Divers Seventy-Five

As the curtain drops on the Oris x Collective Horology Divers “Seventy-Five,” we can conclude that this is a true diamond! It’s not just a watch but it’s a time-travelling style statement. Dive into timeless style, because this isn’t just about telling time but about telling your story, one wrist flick at a time.

All in all, this unique Oris divers watch is perfect for any occasion. It’s especially good for adventurists and outdoor enthusiasts! Dive in – your wrist deserves the spotlight!