Canopy Wake One Review – Micro Marvel

The Canopy Wake One review

Let’s take a joyride into the world where microbrands usually try to play it cool. But hey, the Canopy Watch Company is tossing out the rulebook with their real gem – the Canopy Wake One. Two watch fanatics, Machlen Polfliet & Ross Tomson, decided to create something that breaks the mold. Are you ready to dig deeper into Canopy Wake One, an affordable luxury diver that’s making waves? Stay tuned and read our Canopy Wake One review!

Microbrands with Heart: Canopy Wake One

In the summer of 2020, Canopy Watch Company sprouted its roots in the heart of Houston, Texas. Two watch nerds, Machlen Polfliet and Ross Tomson, bonded over their love for timepieces on some online watch forums. Fast forward from friendship to business buddies, and boom, Canopy Watch Company was born. Their first creation, the Wake One, is like a rare bird – only 500 of them in the world.

Now, what’s cool about Canopy watches? Well, they’re born and bred in the good ol’ US of A. The design? All happening right here. The assembly and packaging? Also done on American soil. But wait, there’s a Swiss twist – the movement and lume components do a little dance from Switzerland. These watches are like the perfect mix, made with top-notch materials and a keen eye for detail.

Canopy watches

The Case – Style with a Dash of Vintage Vibes

Now, watch microbrands often try to copy-paste, but not Canopy watches. Polfliet and Tomson didn’t reinvent the wheel, but they sure gave it a fancy spin. The lugs strut with a cool sweep, adding a dose of toughness. What steals the spotlight, though? The bezel insert. It’s like a canvas of grey swirls doing a tango with forged carbon under a glossy finish, blending class with tactical flair.

With a 39mm diameter, 46mm lug-to-lug, and a thickness of 12.8mm, the Wake One hits the sweet spot. It’s the Goldilocks of watches – not too big, not too small. The limited edition split between brushed stainless steel and black DLC coating is quite unique. One is slick streetwear, and the other is pure tactical charm.

Canopy watch brand

The Dial: Simple, Smart, and Oh-So-Crisp

Now, the dial is where Canopy says, “Hey, let’s keep it simple, but let’s do it with a bang.” A triangle at 12 o’clock aligns with the bezel markings, keeping things neat. Luminous batons party all over, and a symmetrical date window slides in without cramping the style.

The hands and indices rock a black frame, giving that cool floating effect. Now, what about the base? It’s like black asphalt – textured and bold. The Canopy branding, Wake One model name, and a solid 20 ATM water resistance rating are the icing on this dial cake.

Canopy Wake One Review – The Bracelet

We all know that some microbrands often mess up the bracelet, but not on Canopy’s watch. The links are chunky and solid, with a shape that screams robust from the front but feels smooth on your wrist.

The signed clasp? Thick steel! It’s got a ratcheting dive extension because adjusting on the fly should be really smooth.

Tip: Imagine the durability of a sapphire crystal but with a bewitching green hue, the product of rare earth minerals. The Big Bang Unico SAXEM is all about that!

The Canopy Wake One

Canopy Wake One Movement – The Swiss Beat

Don’t act surprised when we tell you the Canopy Wake One’s heartbeat is the Sellita SW200-1. It’s like the Swiss standard for cool kids.

Smooth 4Hz beat rate, 41-hour power reserve, and servicing that won’t break the bank. And check out the custom winding rotor with the Canopy logo. It’s mind-blowing! The caseback has a sapphire window, so you can peek at the magic inside.